Newspaper reports regarding eve teasing, chain snatching and molestation and rape indicate that there is a jungle out there. Concrete buildings, busy roads and narrow streets are fast becoming a safe haven for goons and thugs. And it is women who are suffering the most. But women are not as weak as they are considered. Free self defense classes coach women in combat art and one-to-one fight.

A martial art woman can’t be a soft target for miscreants. By taking martial arts training, any woman could give a fitting reply to anyone trying to rob her of her belongings or breach her modesty. Working women are more interested in martial arts than housewives because female workforce has to be out of home for most part of the day.

Free self defense classes are an opportunity for courageous women and a blessing for shy females. Since there is no fee for learning fighting art, women could join at their free will and without any apprehension. It is a kind of social service by masters who want to make society a safe place for women. Just take a few lessons from the masters and practice the moves at home.

A student needs not attend classes regularly as three or four classes in a week are sufficient to bring out the fighter in you. Once you have achieved perfection, you need to practice the exercises. For practicing, you don’t need to come to classes as you could practice martial art at home and remain active, fit, strong and aggressive.

For attending free self defense classes, women need not to think or take advice from their family members. Since training is provided for free, one could hardly have any objection. Another good thing is that you could practice fighting art for as long as you want. Also there is no minimum limit to hours you could practice.

Friendly masters would help you do exercises perfectly and become a champion within a few months of joining classes. The exercises would tone up your body muscles and also transform your thinking. Soon you would get confidence and the power to contest any unfriendly move made by stranger or passerby.

With free defense classes, you would get the courage, you have lost. You are born strong but you forgot your power. The martial art exercises would help you discover your true self. There is a fighter in you and you need to awake it from slumber.

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Cory Hofland is a maestro of 3rd degree Black belt and has been teaching Martial Arts for eighteen years. The author is spreading the series of free self-defense classes for women in which will teach about sexual assault defense strategies and how to escape an abduction.For More Information Please Visit free self defense classes and best self defense.