It wasn't until I was fifty that I had any real money in my bank account, and this always had me worried.

The stress was often too much, and it wasn't until I started to save that it started to disappear. Learning to deal with my financial stress has definitely had a positive impact on my well being.

Besides how it affected myself, this type of stress also affects relationships and become a burden for your partner and others.

It can be upsetting to read stories of people in similar situations as I know all to well what they may be going through, having been there myself.

But through my own experiences, I've realized the following makes a difference:
- Recognize your stress points
- Give it a positive spin
- Being realistic with goals
- Small steps towards a positive outcome
- Being honest with yourself

When it comes to finance, you’re almost always better off to do something about it, no matter how small it is. By developing a plan and taking action, small gains can be achieved, and this lifts the burden of financial stress a little bit, a day at a time.

The way to start is examining what you have to deal with, determining your budget, and dealing with any debt that you may have. The sooner the better, because debt is a trigger of financial stress that is unhealthy and unnecessary. Being proactive with how you earn, manage, save and spend your money is the path to removing such anxiety.

Another tip that some learn the hard way is to develop an emergency plan. If you had an unanticipated $1,000 car repair tomorrow, could you cover it?

In a recent study by the Federal Reserve, it was found that 40 percent of American adults could not cover an unexpected $400 expense. Your emergency fund should provide you several months of living expense coverage. But don't let that also stress you too, tackle the current issues and have that on your radar for later.

For some, help is needed, and it isn't hard to find an advisor or someone if you take the first step. Money can be a common stressor for many people, so the bottom line is to take control of the situation and create positive changes. You'll be glad you did, or a year from now you'll wish you had. It's within you to make the change that you want, and live a stress free life where finances are not your main problem.

Author's Bio: 

A business executive in a former life that wants to help others grow.