There exists quite a lot of software that we all wish were for free. In today’s world getting software for free is not a difficult task but getting it by remaining within the boundaries of law is a problem. When you surf on net you will find billions of sites that offer you software for free but to be able to sift through the right and the wrong ones is quite a task.

Many websites on the front demand a very menial amount of fees, which you might even very willingly pay so that you are rest assured that you are not doing anything unethical, but once you are done with the first few steps you realize that the apparently the software that cost very little was all a scam and you now have to pay quite a lot of fee for being able to use the software. The software for free is catchy idea which many websites use to attract traffic. It has also been seen that many a times that websites that do have software for free have obtained it illegally themselves and distributing it illegally too. Some websites do claim that they just charge a very small amount for registering to the website once you are done you now gain unlimited access to many software for free. These sites have a limit to the number downloads of software for free that you can do in a day. They require you to connect to a country server once you have the initial amount.

The main issue with such websites is that the speed for your software for free is too slow and thus it takes quite a lot of time before you would be able to use the software for free. The safest and easiest way to get software for free is through the use of torrents. Torrents offer you quite a wide range to download your software from.

Even if you do not want to pay even a small amount and even then enjoy the software by downloading them, you can do it by downloading torrents pertaining to the required software. Some torrent website requires that you first pay a certain amount to be able to gain an access to a server. Once you gain the access you can simply download the software and enjoy. It is very important that you remain very careful about the website you download from because many a times these websites are scams and you end up paying for a lost cause. Also, if you are able to proceed beyond the initial process and the apparent success message appears, please run a security scan before using the software because sometimes when you download the software they are actually spywares that can get embedded in your system and eat up your files and drivers.

Some authentic sites which charge a small amount for server access and some ask for a small amount for membership are genuine ones and will help you out in downloading the desired software.

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