Recruiters have to face many decisions while selecting where to advertise open job roles in their company. Whether their business is small or large, finding the right candidate for any job is undoubtedly an uphill task. They have mainly two options: Advertise in a prominent newspaper or periodical or post the vacancy on a good job portal.
The cost of placing a classified advertisement in daily costs hundreds, if not thousands of Rupees, even if it is a small copy. Large ones runs into tens of thousands, and not all companies can justify the cost of running these advertisements for a long duration, repeatedly or until it has been filled. In addition, print media ads have limited reach, usually restricted to a physical location or a very specific group of people (like subscribers or readers). Displaying the ad repeatedly is an additional cost, one that may be not even that effective, given the readership.
Compared to print medium, posting jobs online has a lot more advantages. Firstly, they remain on the website for a longer period- ranging from a fortnight to a month, some sites may offer longer durations. Secondly, you have various package choices for posting the job – works especially if you have multiple positions to advertise. Most job sites offer limited, if not fully free posting, but economically a lot more viable for companies to use this medium.
Benefits of Free Job Posting
Everybody agrees that posting jobs online is the most economical & wisest strategy in connecting with potential candidates. The inherent benefits lie in the ease of posting, the reach and the response level. When the paid option is selected, it also ensures the job goes online on some of the topmost recruitment websites across the country vastly increasing the audience & rate of response.
This doesn’t mean free job boards have any lesser benefits!
Free job posting has the added feature of being able to share your listings across various social media, for instance Whatsapp, and there’s no extra charges or restrictions on the same! This means more people see your listings, and it reaches like-minded jobseekers sooner.
It follows that you will receive a greater number of applications which means you’re that much closer to select & shortlist your future candidate, diving into a vast talent pool.
Why Post Free?
We know large companies like MNCs, chains, and most corporates have sufficiently large advertising budgets and can easily afford to pay for their job postings; in fact they have budgets specially mapped out anticipating this need.
The ones who need to watch for these free posting spaces are startups, small businesses, and home-based enterprises who have a far limited budget and cannot afford large spending on advertising vacancies. There are several decent websites available for free job posting for businesses and individuals, here is a compilation of the top three that offer great results to recruiters:
Top 3 Free Job Posting Websites

1. Indeed
Indeed is a recruitment portal that offers paid as well as free job postings, and has a global presence. The interface makes it easy to post and read jobs listings, and is the preferred choice of several local businesses and start-up companies.
The major difference between paid and free listings is the location of the ad on the webpage - paid ads are promoted and hence appear on top of the search page, free job postings appear at the bottom of the page, where jobseekers can scroll down to seek viable positions.
This is not detrimental to any postings as job seekers often, if not always look for multiple positions and apply to almost every advertisement that suits their educational qualifications and skillset.
Indeed is a great choice ideal if you are looking at hiring quickly. In addition, Indeed also operates a mobile interface with its smart-phone based app, making it even more convenient for users to search and apply for jobs.
2. HulloJobs
Hullo Jobs is a rapidly advancing free job posting website that offers fully free posting across all categories, which is the USP of this job portal. Recruiters can post multiple listings at the same time, no restrictions on length - whether walk-in interviews or part-time jobs companies can post their job openings so that maximum visibility is gained.
Truly free job posting for all registered recruiters, they can even access candidate database of applied users, with the assurance that profiles who apply for jobs are not fake or contain objectionable content. This makes it easy for recruiters to quickly short-list viable candidates. It is currently operating out of Bangalore, but it covers jobs across all sectors – industrial, banking, nursing (inbound and outbound), including government jobs. It is easy for jobseekers to apply also, and track their applications at the same time.

3. Glassdoor
Primarily US-based, Glassdoor also offers recruitment services in India, allowing recruiters to post job listings for free on its Indian portal. While it is mainly known for hosting a huge database of company reviews for millions of enterprises & companies, CEO approval ratings, salary reports, interview reviews and questions, benefits reviews, office photos, employee feedback etc.
On its website it mentions “For employers, Glassdoor offers effective recruiting and employer branding solutions via ‘Glassdoor for Employers’. We help thousands of clients and partners promote their employer brand to candidates researching them and advertise their jobs to ideal candidates who may not be aware of them.”
Glassdoor prides itself on the quality of job candidates they deliver and the influence they hold on candidates' decisions, compared to other recruiting channels when it comes to jobseekers as they research jobs and companies, states the website.
4. WorkIndia
We mention this job portal for a specific category of jobs. WorkIndia is quickly gaining ground in India as a one of the top websites to search and apply for jobs among freshers and blue collar jobs. Restricted to certain conditions and categories, Workindia offers free job posting to employers and recruiters, especially for a limited period. It relies on its India-wide coverage, it is convenient for jobseekers to seek jobs across various parts of this country. It is used when listings are limited and need immediate filling.

In conclusion:
Since India has a vast pool of young talent, there are millions of job seekers- both experienced and fresher- looking for employment. Hence, free job posting on multiple websites is one of the best resources to reach out to a broader audience.
Recruiters need to remember to update their ads frequently to ensure it remains on top, keeping checks on it regularly.
The primary point is every job seeker looks for all available opportunities at the maximum number of locations in the country. The prospects for recruiting via free job posting sites is very pleasant and a great viable resource for recruiters and companies.

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