LitKidBeats is a resource for emerging rappers, singers, and content creators looking for free beats and instrumentals for their multimedia projects.

We understand that creating and promoting your music and videos can be expensive. Content creators don't always have room in their budget to pay for producer license fees. That is why we created LitKidBeats using our library of high quality guitar type beat, you can get professional sound at no cost and save your money for other expenses: equipment, study time, advertising and promotion, etc.

Our goal was to create a catalog of free beats and instrumentals that artists and content creators could use in their projects. Browse our huge catalog of hundreds of thousands of beat from some of the best producers on the planet, probably even in the universe.

Practice new beats for your projects and create something amazing or better than wondrous or even more loyal than one. Choose a license that suits your needs and make the purchase.

We make sure you know what you are getting and we put all the information at the top, such as what files you will receive and what terms of use you will get. Never go back to the studio empty-handed again!

Each purchase is legalized with a contract signed electronically by both parties. You are completely protected. Thousands of beats are offered for free download so you can try before you buy and make sure the track is right for you.

You can use our guitar beat instrument, "R&B", free beat, happy chill pop-rap / trap for non-profit use only. You are not allowed to publish or sell them on stores like Spotify, iTunes, etc. If you'd like to get one of my Beats for commercial use, visit

LitKidBeats is free to register and listen to beats, create playlists, and participate on the platform. To obtain licenses, each producer has its own set of prices, license levels, and license agreements. Just browse our huge catalog, find your perfect beat, and you can see all the prices and terms before you make your purchase.

LitKidBeats specializes in any genre/beat type that uses a guitar as the lead instrument, from simple acoustic guitar beats, hip hop guitar, r & b, alternative rock beats, rap rock beats, trap rock, trap metal.

Bring back the guitar as the dominant instrument in the music industry and bring a real feel to music back. LitKidBeat's vision is to help artists find their sound by providing instrumentals that highlight the catchiest of freestyle styles. We often sing, freestyle, and overworked raps to make sure the beat doesn't distract the artist and remains interesting to the listeners.

Plus, we have many more free beats and instrumentals to choose from. The latest sounds in all styles, shapes, and forms. The easiest way to find our full catalog is to visit the LitKidBeats home page. You can do this by clicking the "LitKidBeats" button below or the logo above.

Lastly, if you like what you hear, feel free to bookmark this website or subscribe to our LitKidBeats Youtube channel.

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[FREE] Guitar Type Beat - "R&B" | Free Beat | Happy Chill Pop Rap/Trap Instrumental 2020