Customer service position is an important post in IT industry. The person working in this position needs to be well qualified to handle the number of complex job responsibilities associated with the position. Your resume for this position must list the skills necessary for this position. You need to make your resume stand out from the crowd and writing it in an appealing way can only make it happen. You need to follow all the basic CV writing tips to highlight your major details in your CV. If you don’t know how to write a resume, you don’t have to worry because free resume writing services can help you draft a job winning resume. You can also refer the sample templates for writing your CV. These readymade templates can be edited and filled with your job specific details to design a perfect CV.

Important Skills for Customer Service Resume

When applying for the customer service positions, your CV must include certain details. Listing these details in your resume will make it sound effective and unique. Following are some important details that should show up in the customer service resume –

• Your interest in meeting customer needs
• Professional attitude and friendly approach
• Maintain good relationship with the clients
• Excellent questioning and listening skills
• Decision making and problem solving ability

It is important to make your CV focus on the particular requirement of the job. For making your resume unique, you can follow the free resume templates. Below are some tips for using the customer service resume templates.

Free Customer Service Resume Template

The resume templates are available for free. You can download these templates, edit them and design your own resume. These are the readymade resume formats designed to help you write an attractive resume. You will get these sample templates for every job position. These templates come in different formats. You must choose the proper format that will suit your requirements and match the job description. Following are the different templates –

• Chronological
• Functional
• Combinational

All these formats have their specialty. They are used for specific purpose. You can know the purpose of each format and choose the appropriate one that will highlight your details efficiently.

Sample Template


Address Line 1

Address Line 2

Cell No.

E-mail ID

Professional Profile

[Provide 1-2 line description outlining your professional background, strengths and key attributes. Include the skills that your potential employer is expecting]

Key Skills

[Include the skills that are necessary for your current job. Also include the ones required for your prospective job profile. Include industry recognized skills and some
personal skills]

Career Summary

Company Name #1
Company Address

• Job Duty 1
• Job Duty 2

Company Name #2
Company Address

• Job Duty 1
• Job Duty 2


Highest Degree – Duration
Name of University, Address
Next Important Degree – Duration
Name of College/ University, Address

Professional Training

[List the details of the professional training taken]


[List at least 2 professional references]

Such sample templates can get you the desired customer service job. Customer service resume templates are available for free and you can download these templates and edit them. Using these templates, you will save most of your time and you can utilize this time on listing the job specific skills in your resume.

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