This century is no doubt the generation of knowledge and that too evolving every few years which in together accounts for a great amount of wisdom that needs recollection regularly to function in the outside world. It’s the need of the times. It’s the need because of which everyone is turning towards books as they are the epitome of wisdom but there exists people who cannot afford the resources and who cannot afford the devotion of so much time.

RollingSlate, through its specially curated summaries of the books, by all the well-known national and international authors around, brings an end to such restrictions.

It is a free service that selects the latest and best non-fiction books from renowned national and international authors and provides a detailed chapter-wise summary of the book, in the form of quickly readable or listenable slates, in English as well as regional Indian languages. Whether it is Economics or Relationships, Health & Fitness or Entrepreneurship, History or Politics, it’s all  covered across 27+ genres and 2000+ slates.

Hardbound huge books now can be carried in your pockets and you can savor them at any point of time and at any place, be it at 3am in the middle of mountains while having a good piece of wisdom of the entire book in 15 minutes. Students who lack resources can now explore more than ever and the hardworking lads can now gain the essential in a record breaking time to amuse the people they interact with.

Specially curated summaries to quench your thirst for knowledge

RollingSlate aims to create a large network of readers across the world while addressing the language barriers that readers encounter. Thus, we plan to make available all detailed summaries in English as well as regional Indian languages. So be it Marathi, Bengali, Tamil or any other Indian indigenous language, you can access the summary in your preferred language at the click of a button!

Reading Atomic Habits for free

For example, the book ‘Atomic Habits’, a book for this generation which deals with behaviors which might soon turn into hard to leave habits and lead us to the path that was not intended and similarly the good ones which can turn your entire life around. The book outlines the cause and how these habits develop over time and hence after such understanding, how can they be controlled and developed for the better. It gives the wisdom of how one tiny change can showcase remarkable results, motivating every person to give it a try. You can get to read these kind and helpful words from this globally known book in the chapter-wise summary of the book at RollingSlate for free.

With the growing culture of short reads gaining momentum, it indeed is the need of the hour, not only because we have less time, but also because the time we have needs proper division to gain as much as we can and RollingSlate gives that freedom. It is kept in mind that the essence of the book must stay intact, given how emotional the process of book writing is and that the perspective should not be left behind. The summaries are curated keeping the vision of not only providing knowledge and wisdom but also the taste of the author’s perspective. Being contemporary by a regularly updated database, it develops a new world of wisdom which sees no boundaries. So, tune into the audio or written summaries of your favorite books and imbibe knowledge at zero cost! It is time to keep yourself up-to-date!

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