Here’s an added magnificent custom blog design using the Watermark stencil. I can say to facilitate this custom blog design is astonishing and worth giving a try. Below are the skin to facilitate this custom blog design has:
Attractive and cute Unkempt font design
Blended insignia of texts
Highlighted and attracting link insignia
Amazing abstract image design by RB Fried
Transparent body background
Well blended image background and font insignia
This custom blog design is ideal in lieu of some blog topics. However, this would be more appropriate in lieu of persons blogs with unserious topics since of the posture to facilitate this custom blog design has. For the image background of this stencil, RB fried’s art is used. And it’s really pleasant. The design is like signals light in the sky and has white color in the skirt of the all gesture light.
For the link insignia on this blogspot theme, light recyclable color is used to highlight the family which the readers might famine to read. This color is very eye catching to readers since it is so light. And after you flit around your mouse in it, it’ll focus to blue recyclable like color to tell your booklover to facilitate he is on the order of to honest to facilitate link.
The transparent body background is in this blogspot theme. This body background is without doubt used after you habit the Watermark stencil. You don’t need to edit everything to bear this transparent body background. This kind of body background gives this blogspot theme an aero effect. And it’s really accomplished to think about it. This transparent body background moreover without doubt fits the color of the background image to facilitate you habit. For this blogspot theme, it without doubt adjusts its color to light blue color to blend with the background image.
The sheet text on this blogspot theme is on the default black color to give out power to the text. If you habit light insignia or some suggested color in this blogspot theme, the color would be weak and it’ll be testing to read. Black color would be an adequate amount of in lieu of this customized stencil.
How to habit this custom blog design into your blog?
If you famine to habit this customized blogspot stencil into your blog, very soon go along with these steps:
Use the Watermark stencil - go off to the stencil section and observe the Watermark stencil. There will be four options if you famine to pick Watermark. Choose the principal individual with light brown color.
Edit your blog using the stencil designer - cutting will be mostly completed at this juncture. First, after you’re already in the stencil designer, go off to the background tab. On the background image pick the abtract art of RB fried which was defined in top of this marker.
Use the UNKEMPT font design and pick the reasonable text insignia in lieu of your blog - habit the color codes lower on cutting font insignia in lieu of this custom blog design:
#0091ed - title color
#97e500 - explanation color
#90ed00 - link color, visited color
#44baa8 - hang around color
#000000 - page text color
#56ba44 - date header
#54c0a0 - gadgets title color
#baa744 - gadgets alternate color
That’s all the color codes to facilitate you bear to habit if you famine to habit this custom blog design. Feel at no cost to replace everything to facilitate you don’t like. For the sheet text size of this custom blog design, habit 16px to bake it larger and readable.

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Kee is a blogger that blogs about blogging using a free Google Blogger blog in Blogspot Mastery. The topics discussed on his blog is more on improving, designing and building traffic in it.