The most critical facets of every economy are entrepreneurship and small business management. They complement each other because good entrepreneurship is needed for effective business management. Entrepreneurship is a collection of ideologies, mindsets, personality characteristics, and talents that distinguish entrepreneurs from business owners. Entrepreneurs exist in any economy, regardless of country or geographic area, and they are affected by national culture and economic conditions. Entrepreneurial ventures are classified according to their scale, the number of staff, and annual turnover. One among them is freelancers, who are often self-employed and do not commit to a long-term boss. You are called an employee of the business you work for whether you work full-time. It's called freelancing because you don't want to work full-time and manage to pursue customers and work depending on your skillset. You are on your own and free to partner with others as long as you serve them well, much as a bird is free to go whenever it wishes. Freelancing has existed since the beginning of time, but with the invention of the Internet, it has taken on a different dimension and developed into a parallel universe to a 9-to-5 career.


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