In this age of digitalisation, seeing someone bringing a paperback along and devotedly following through has also become a remarkable sighting. This hurry that has become our lives has tied us to this menial routine where luxuries like that are as scarce as they come. But books, whatever they may be, are an important part of our lives that can not be discarded. This is also only one aspect of a big problem. Every day, most individuals live their lives on autopilot doing much the same thing and never learning something, all the while wondering how certain individuals can be so good in life.


People are eagerly looking out for a way, a solution to curb these issues to enter this world of wisdom. This is where the RollingSlate app comes into play. It is a cost free service that selects the most revolving and fresh books from known national and international authors to provide a detailed chapter-wise summary of the book, in the form of quickly readable slates or audio books, in English as well as regional Indian languages. The eye catching part is that readers will get a gist summary of the book they have been longing to or planning to read which contains all the core values and wisdom the book had to offer. This keeps your busy schedule going on as it has without losing out on learning and gaining something new.


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Yes, you heard it right. You can even listen to the detailed descriptions with the click of a button. Just sit back down, relax into the couch by that window, select one of the top  books on entrepreneurship, close your eyes and listen in on the guide to be the next big hit in the world of e-commerce.


Read the summary of the book Alibaba on the ever widening world of e-commerce and the man who revolutionized it in China using this free book summary app.


Today, not only is China home to one of the largest economies in the world and the most rapidly expanding cities, it is also highly technologically advanced, with widespread high-speed Internet and ubiquitous wifi.


Yet things seemed very different just a few decades ago. And this was when, with his incredibly creative attitude, Jack Ma joined the scene, founding what would become one of the most valuable companies in the world: the Alibaba e-commerce platform. You will learn the storey of China's consumerist trend in these slates, follow Jack's path from being a humble English teacher to becoming the emperor of Chinese consumerism, and find out what made his e-commerce empire remarkably successful.


This is the perfect overview of the book on the RollingSlate App to learn how Alibaba uses webcams and free toys to go the extra mile in service quality, what Jack Ma wants from his workers in exchange for providing free bikes and a beautiful artificial lake in their office, and why China's internet firewall was a godsend for Alibaba.


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