So how much do you know about free audio conference call recording services? When you are hosting or attending a web conference call, you may want to record the audio content to review later. So how can you do that?

The good news is, you are going to find out an easy way to record conference calls easily and for free. You will also find out how to make the audio quality better so you can enjoy a nice and clear voice.

An important note is that this guide is about online calls, not the ones made using regular phones. Because to record using a normal phone, you will need special tools and wires. But recording a web conference is much easier and faster.

Free Conference Call Recording - How to Do It Easily?

There are generally two ways to do it...

1. Recording the call directly using your computer
2. Available audio recording services available by the conference host

If you would like to record any audio from your computer, you can do it by using a recording software. You can use a free one like the simple Sound Recorder available in Windows. You can also use premium applications with extra features.

Simply click the record button when the web conference calls starts. After it is finished, you can simply save the recording anywhere on your computer to listen to later.

The other way is using the easy conference call recording services available by some companies. You can ask about it from the online conference service you are going to use, to make sure this helpful option is available to your audience.

This is easier because many of your audience may not be technical professional, so providing them with an easy option to record the call saves them and you lots of time.

Just make sure the conference service you choose offers this option to record calls for free.

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