There was a time it was extremely difficult for a foreigner to buy HOLIDAY HOMES SPAIN and then General Franco the Dictator, Jefe del Estado, died. Franco's death on 22nd November 1975 was in many ways a Godsend for the Spanish people. His government influenced the people in such a way and still does to this day in small ways. It caused a lot of hardship although crime was at an all time low. Freedom was something that nobody quite understood: travelling away from home meant hardship, inequality between man and women was still back in the dark ages, locals and foreigners and even the difference between rich and poor.

Although he managed to keep Spain united with bans on political parties and nongovernmental trade unions, communists and separatists were all repressed. In the late 1950s, he introduced reforms modernising administration and industry though many foreigners would argue that has had much effect. On his death bed, he asked of his enemies to forgive him as he had forgiven his, and at the same time asked his successor Prince Juan Carlos to hold Spain together. Under Franco, Spain was almost shunned by the other communities in Europe and alienated to the point that on his death, no western European country apart from Monaco sent a head of state to his funeral. Lord Shepherd, Leader of the House of Lords was the only English representative at the time to the annoyance of labour backbenchers.

Tourism grew along the coast of Spain from the late 1950s and although difficult, property could be purchased and often was by foreigners, although they were taking an enormous gamble, when they did. When Prince Juan Carlos took over many reforms were introduced; finally there was tolerance for other cultures in 1977 for the first time in four decades. Fair elections were held and a new constitution confirmed Spain as a monarchy which in turn gave autonomy to the Basque region, Catalonia, Galicia and Andalucia. It was a few years later that all regions where given that same autonomous power.

Spain today has banned by law pre-constitutional symbols from the Franco period: examples are the old national coat of arms and the Imperial Eagle. Nowadays Spain is fully reformed, well apart from its inability to process most of the paperwork. Queues in government buildings are just as long except there is rarely any armed police watching over the processes. It is now easier for foreigners to travel through Spain compared to 35 years ago: bars, restaurants even shops are now owned by foreign investors legally. Spain has become one of the favourite hot spots for a winter holiday. The British public, especially when they look out their windows on a cold wet or snowy day are often dreaming of their next holiday abroad and more often than not Spain is the country of choice.

Spain is the holiday of choice. Whether to the city centres where so much history is on display, be it historical churches, fortresses or walls left over from the Roman Empire, or the seafront Costas with their promenades, stalls and market places. Yes it was a godsend when Franco died and now we can all buy our HOLIDAY HOMES SPAIN.

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Travel writer writing especially about my adopted home of Spain for providing Holiday Rentals from the OWNERS DIRECT.