Fragmented Souls

Not much seems to be said about fragmented souls, but I quite often find that the minute the subject is explained, people seem to identify with it right away. A soul fragment is that part of you that you are always looking for, that part that will make you whole again, and quite often, the wound that never heals. We most often seek to solve this through others, particularly our partners, because that’s what we’ve been taught and we don’t know where else too look. Soul fragments can also be somebody else’s. That one person that you can’t quite seem to shake, a friend or family member who has died – this lifetime or another, a sister, brother, son, daughter, etc. that you always wish for, who never materializes in this lifetime. They can also be strangers, totally unrelated, energy vampires who cling to you because something about you is familiar, and they lost their way.
Whenever you leave a part of yourself behind in a relationship or situation, you are immediately creating a soul fragment. Any part of the past that you dwell on and wish you could change, something that you have done or not done, action or inaction that you have not forgiven yourself or somebody else for…. These are a few examples of things that chip away at our souls. The bigger the pain the bigger the chip. We literally leave a small piece of ourselves there, in that time and that place, stuck, until we pick it up again. It is very similar to having a beautiful crystal vase. One day somebody bumps into this vase, knocks it over and a chip flies off. Now, we can pick the chip up, and have the vase restored, or we can leave it on the floor, and from that moment on, everyone who gets close to the vase can see the chip missing. They may not know how or where it happened, but the damage is obvious.

A “curse” is another way for a soul to become fragmented. Has anyone every made you really angry, and you’ve said something to the effect of, “If it’s the last thing I do, I see that you pay for this!” It’s like throwing an energy dagger. Right then, right there, you have committed a piece of yourself to that moment forever. You have locked a piece of your soul to theirs. And of course, the same can also happen in reverse, with a piece of someone else’s soul being attached to yours.

Soul fragments span lifetimes, and because of this can be elusive to identify and retrieve or clear… but you can!

The first step is to commit to your own wholeness and leave other people’s states of being for them to sort out. If you are aware of any “curses” that you may have spoken, grudges or guilt that you are carrying, try to gently and lovingly let it go. The moment has passed. You can’t relive it. You can’t do it over again. (Not in this lifetime anyway…. And do you want to really want to repeat it in the next?!) Resolve the situation if you can, and if that is not possible, and sometimes it’s not, resolve it in yourself. Acknowledge the pain, anger or frustration of the event and acknowledge the lessons in it. Also, think about the beautiful crystal vase. Are you willing to leave a piece of it on the floor there? Acknowledge the long term damage that this may cause, and how will the vase look with more and more chips out of it?
When you are ready to, release the situation to the light so that it may be healed, and take back the part of you that was wounded. You may find it helpful to imagine the situation or the person involved, look at them and repeat, “I release you from my life, give back to you what is yours and take back what is mine. I walk away from here healed.” If these words don’t suit you, find ones that do.

Another very effective way to find and retrieve soul fragments is through regression therapy. This allows you to briefly visit the past, this lifetime or another, looking for those moments when a piece of your soul got stuck or left behind. Often times just the awareness is enough to clear it, but if not, the therapist or facilitator can work with you to release and heal the situation.
In short, things that can cause soul fragmentation are; a curse being uttered – by you or someone else, a deathbed promise – you start again right where you left off, unresolved anger, frustration or guilt – anything you wish you could “fix” or do over, but can’t, and of course trauma.

Trauma is a big one, because in moments of trauma we quite often separate from ourselves. This is the way the human body deals with the immediate situation so that it can continue to function. We disassociate from the part of ourselves that is being hurt, so that we can continue on as before. The greater the trauma; the greater the separation. Whenever we refuse to experience the emotions of the moment, we lock away a part of ourselves with it. This is not dissimilar from locking a child in a room, except that child is a fragment of your soul. This is common in difficulties large and small, ranging from a petty argument that we choose not to resolve, to serious abuse or accidents. How often have you heard of people “sweeping it under the rug” “getting on with life” or “the family secret”. These are all cases where soul fragmentation has occurred.
Anyone who has suffered trauma, and everyone has, has suffered some soul fragmentation. We don’t necessarily have to relive the situation to heal it, but acknowledge it as part of ourselves. It’s not always pretty….. quite often it’s not, but try not to judge it. Whether we like it or dislike it, it happened. It is something that just exists. It is part of the imprint on our souls, and what makes us each who we are. It doesn’t matter how you feel about rain, it still happens, and you still get wet…. and so does everyone else. Most people are too concerned with drying themselves off to even bother with how you look or feel wet. But the sooner you accept that you got wet, the sooner you can get around to drying off and warming up!

Return your attention once again to the lovely crystal vase. Imagine not just one chip out of it, but a hundred. How does the vase look? How does it feel? Does it still hold water, and does the crystal still reflect light in the same way? After there are a lot of chips out of the vase, it soon becomes difficult to remember what it looked like whole, or how and when each chip happened. Would you even know where to go and look for them all? That vase is your soul, and the more fragmented it becomes, the less it reflects The Light, the more difficult it is to heal the damage, and less and less do we remember how we felt whole. For these reasons, we also want to try to prevent any further fragmentation.

1. Be mindful of your words, they are contracts with the universe, and you may find renegotiation down the line a little more difficult than having not gotten into it in the first place.
2. Experience your own life, even if you don’t love all of it right off the bat, or it’s embarrassing or painful, but acknowledge it. (and if need be, find someone to help you through it in a safe healing environment) Keep all these pieces with you and then you at least have the opportunity to transform and heal things as you go along.

It is my personal belief, that soul fragmentation is in part responsible for memory loss. When we shut down, shut out, or leave parts of ourselves behind, it stands to reason that everything will diminish to some degree, including the senses. (You can’t take the salt out of the ocean without expecting a few fish to die!)
And then of course there are the soul fragments of others. Think of all of the hundreds of reasons that could cause fragmentation in you, and multiply it by the billions of people alive on the planet today, and in every generation before us. These are all of the possible fragments that we could encounter, that we take on as our own, or cling to us without our knowledge or consent. Maybe it was it someone who once said to us, lifetimes ago, “I’ll never leave you.” Perhaps a woman who has suffered a miscarriage would attract the fragment of a child who lost their mother. Maybe even your dear old granny, who always joked that when she died she’d come back and “haunt the lot of you!” Sometimes these fragments mean no harm, and sometimes they do. There are robbers, rapists and thieves in the spirit world, just as there are in the physical. While the later are a more obvious threat, all attached fragments are a psychic drain. We may even be taking on and actively attracting someone else’s fragments due to our own needs and trying to fill our own voids. In any case this weighs us down, depletes our energy, and inhibits the other’s path to growth and wholeness.

Detecting and releasing these attached fragments can be very elusive. If you are uniquely spiritually attuned, this is possible through meditation and awareness, but I have often found the assistance of a healer to be quite valuable and supportive in this work. Again, regression therapists are usually familiar with this and can be of great help.

These fragments are there for a reason. We may be reluctant for them to go, or they may not wish to leave and can become aggressive, clinging even more. If you are going to attempt to make contact with them by yourself, it’s always a good idea to call your guardian angels in to help and support you through this process. Try to name the energy that is there, and what area of your body/aura they are inhabiting. Depending on who is present, gently or quite firmly tell them that they have to go, and send them to the light. Two example of how you can do this are: “ (name of “person” or description) it’s time for you to go back to your own life. Go to the light. You will be safe there. Lots of angels are waiting to help you, and heal you, and care for you on your way.” For a soul fragment that is less kind, you can simply say: “I cleanse and I release that which is not of mine. Go now and go to the light.” Imagine cleansing energies washing over you and the feeling of freedom and release.

It is always a good idea to send souls, (or fragments) to the light. Just casting them out leaves you open for re-invasion, or they may attach to next unsuspecting person that comes along.

Soul retrieval, and fragment clearing are two very expedient and lasting ways to healing. After going through this process, many people report feeling lighter, more alive and more whole. Often times they find that intense longing diminished and their senses are brighter and sharper. They experience new awareness and understanding that transcends time and place.

As with any deep healing work, the actual process, and the immediate day or two that follows, can be quite demanding and exhausting, but the experience itself is seldom less than profound.
Fasten your seatbelts for this one……It’s quite the ride!
From My Heart To Yours, Hunter

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Hunter Phoenix is a Certified Professional Coach who specializing in working with dynamic entrepreneurs to build their businesses and create more balance in their lives. With over 15 years experience, Hunter received the majority of her coaching training at The Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching at JFK University in Berkeley, California.

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