Taking action to make your dreams come true is the first step between success and failure. Even so, long before gaining success, your actions must be directed toward making almost perfect choices. To start you on the right path, here are four choices.


Attitude. When life hands you a challenge, use a positive attitude of faith to carry you through the difficult situations. Look inward for the strength and energy necessary to fight the challenging situations. This is vital for a positive attitude, and the way you think, feel and act.

Negativity. Never let challenges effect you in a negative way. Accept your faults, imperfections, and mistakes. Focus on your good points. Eliminate worry and fear. Improve your physical, mental, and emotional strengths. Remember to thank God for all that you have now, and all that is to come.


True Values. Whether you are in a full-time career, or operating a small business, make it a habit to give value for value. Put value ahead of your profit or gain. Give more than you expect in return.

Dishonest Behavior. When is it ever ethical to be dishonest? Never. Expecting to be paid for work that has not been preformed is dishonest. Behavior that is untruthful and insincere may come back to haunt you.


Thoughtful Planning. To experience success you have to make plans, and take the necessary actions to reach your goal. It is like laying a foundation for everything that follows. This process of learning and planning is ongoing until you master your goal. If you do not reach your goal the first time, compliment yourself for trying, then try again or alter your plan.

Impulsive Actions. Acting in a thoughtless manner leads to costly mistakes. Reckless behavior and hasty decisions may result in wasted materials, wasted time, and unavoidable or embarrassing explanations. So, think wisely before acting.


Action. Success requires action. Action requires effort, and effort requires work. To put action, effort and work into practice requires you to put forth an ongoing amount of energy. There is power and energy in accomplishment. If you miss reaching one goal, learn what you did wrong, and try again.

Idleness. Doing nothing accomplishes nothing. The same may be true of excuses. When you encounter tough obstacles, you tend to make excuses for not acting. In life, there are always obstacles; learn to go around them. A successful person learns how to deal with obstacles and keeps on going.

The last step to success is the crucial one and requires all your concentration. Action is always required to reach your goals. You have every right to be successful. If you are committed and passionate enough about what you wish to accomplish, it will happen.

Would not one successful idea be worth it, if it helps thousands of others to live better, be healthier, save more money, save time, help the environment, create new businesses, and employ others? Successful people believe in themselves and are convinced that they can live richer, fuller lives. Are you making the right choices?

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