Video is getting hotter than ever and with good reason. This medium let’s people see who you are and leverages the Know Like and Trust Factor that helps people get comfortable with you.

But, where do you use video in your marketing and your website? Here are three ways to use video to help market your business.

1. Your Website’s Home Page

A video greeting that uses your elevator pitch is perfect for your home page. Introduce yourself and tell a little about who you are and what you do – but focus your video around the visitor and their needs. Easily wrap up by offering viewers irresistible Free Offer so you can capture their contact information.

2. Your Ezine

I send out a video blog every Friday with a variety of Client Attraction strategies. This is a longer video (about 5 minutes) delivering fresh content every week. People have different preferences for how they like to get their information. Some of your subscribers will prefer to read while others might enjoy watching video. This is a great way to stay top-of-mind and share a helpful tip your subscribers can put into action that week.

3. Sales Pages on Your Website

Once your visitors make it to a sales page offering one of your programs, products or services, video works to build trust. Use the video to highlight the viewer’s problem or struggle and how you have the solution. Combined with well-written text that hits on the benefits of whatever you are offering, you now have strong marketing to help prospects make the decision to buy from you today.

4. Google loves video! When you use videos, the Google spiders will find them, which in turn positively impacts your search engine ranking.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Start thinking about video for your business! Many smart Phones have video cameras or get an inexpensive video camera. Give yourself permission to simply play with the process to get more comfortable with it. Initially, this can take some of the pressure off the process.

Next write a script or two and then shoot them! You can do this on your own and then edit out the beginning and end on Youtube which has its own free video editing software. Then post it to your website or paste it into your ezine!

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