Are you feeling the Winter Blues? I know the short days often take their toll on me, so here are four quick and easy ways to lift your spirits that you can try any time.
1. Breathe
Sit with your back straight, shoulders relaxed and palms on your lap. Take a slow and deep breath using the diaphragm muscles. Breathe in through the nose, and breathe out through slightly parted lips. As you breathe in be aware of the breath filling your diaphragm, your rib cage expanding and your shoulders lifting. As you breathe out feel the air leave the diaphragm, the rib cage contract and the shoulder lower.
Repeat this several times, noticing how much calmer you feel with each breath. It’s a easy way to lift your spirits.
You can also try a breathing exercise, check out my other article on alternate nostril breathing-an amazing technique!
2. Meditation
Meditation is one of the greatest self healing tools available and costs nothing except a little of your time! There are many meditation techniques out there, find one that suits you and begin.
By putting some meditation music on and spending time in quiet contemplation it can soothe your soul and reconnect you with the highest aspect of yourself, it will lift your spirits in no time.
3. Aromatherapy and Essential Oils.
Re-balance and rejuvenate your spirit through blending a selection of essential oils together in an aromatherapy oil burner. I’ve found the following blend works extremely well when there’s a need for nurturing, support and healing:
Place a few drops of the following in an aromatherapy oil burner with some water,
4 drops Jasmine
4 drops Rose
4 drops Neroli
3 drops Lavender
3 drops Bergamot
The smell wonderful! You can use this one to help you sleep too, it’s a very relaxing blend to lift your spirits, any anxiety and stress disappears. Please remember if you do put this in your bedroom to extinguish the flame BEFORE you go to sleep!
4. Be in the Present Moment.
Take a few deep breaths and focus totally on this moment, right now, no matter what that might be.
If you’re reading a book or magazine, or even this article, totally focus on the words and take in their meaning. There is only you and this article now in the present moment.
If you’re in the workplace, focus totally on the task at hand, and only this task, and what you must do in order to complete it. Nothing else matters except you and the task at hand.
If you are speaking to a person, speak, hear your words, hear their words and focus on the conversation, you’ll be amazed at how often we can have a conversation and be thinking of something else.
Being in the present will help bring you into focus, calm your mind, lift your spirits and give you renewed energy.

So there you are, four quick and easy ways to lift your spirits. Why not give them a go!

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I am a Reiki Master, Yoga and Meditation tutor and Holistic Therapist. I enjoy workingwith energies to promote health and well being.