Whether you’re an engineer, an accountant, a lawyer or a piano teacher, malaise can set in and leave you questioning what to do next. Where did that life and job you used to love go to?! I believe that if something is boring or draining, it’s your intuition giving you a nudge to say, “Time for something new!” So, how to proceed? Here are my suggestions:

1) Keep Your Focus on What You Enjoy

I realize most of us don’t have the financial and other resources to say, “I’ll just quit my job and take a year or so to figure out what’s next.” I’m assuming that there are still parts of this work that you enjoy. Are there certain students or types of students that you look forward to seeing or welcoming into your lessons? You may have to be honest with yourself on this one. Perhaps you love working with more advanced students and just hate working with total beginners. Or, maybe you like clients who are more creative in their interests. Take the time to think about who your ideal student might be. In may be difficult to turn work away, but consider the possibility of letting go of the students you find draining. The Universe loves when you create space for what you do want!

2) Reinvent Yourself

Sometimes we can get overly focused on what isn’t working. With a pad of paper and pen in hand, think about the following questions and statement and brainstorm some answers. Your intuition loves this creative exercise!

What could I do that would be a fun adventure?
What am I yearning for?
I do know what to do next! And here are some things I could try…
I’ve always wanted to…
If I had an abundance of money I would…. (And then figure out a way to do it anyway!)
3) Put Some Energy Out There!

If you keep doing what’s familiar and comfortable, you won’t change your life. Often we over-intellectualize the idea of what’s next and get weighted down in the not knowing. Your homework assignment from me is to simply try new things. Don’t try to figure out just yet whether you can make money at it or even whether this is the next big idea for your career. Just have fun with this! It might be a class you take or a group you join. Or you might even Google the term “Volunteer Vacation” and see if anything grabs your interest. Move out of your comfort zone and see who you meet and what serendipitous miracles the Universe may have in store for you.

4) Let Your Intuition Lead!

Intuition communicates through images, feelings, an inner voice, dreams and knowings. Frustratingly, it often gives us the next right step, but not the whole map! Your choice is to trust and have faith that you’re being guided…or not. Think about beginning your day with the question, “What three things could I do today to create a fun-filled, adventurous life?” Pay attention to anything that comes to your mind and heart that has energy and passion or even something you’re mildly curious about. That’s the way to be Divinely guided a step at a time to your wonderful new life that awaits you.

Have fun on your journey!

Author's Bio: 

Lynn A. Robinson, M.Ed., is one of the nation's leading experts on the topic of intuition. She's a popular and widely recognized psychic, author and motivational speaker who works with businesses and individuals as an intuitive advisor, offering insights into goals, decisions and strategies. Clients usually call her when they're in the midst of change and transition. Lynn was voted "Best Psychic" by Boston Magazine.