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Would you call yourself a procrastinator? Many people are capable of doing what they need to do. The only problem is, they tend to procrastinate.
The biggest problem with procrastination is that people usually brush it off and would not recognize it as a problem. But without them knowing it, procrastination can soon develop into a habit.

Procrastination can then lead to different results, all of which are negative.

• Procrastination can decrease your overall productivity since you achieve less in more time.
• Procrastination can prevent you from finishing your tasks at all.
• Procrastination can lead to cramming, which leads to stress.

If you want to live an active, energized, and productive life that will surely lead to success, you should get rid of procrastination right this very moment. Thankfully, you can remove the procrastination habit from your system easily. Here are some effective tips on how to do that:

1. Find your best time to work. Every person’s body has a unique way of working. The body forms its own patterns and schedule. People are usually drawn to procrastination when they force themselves to work when their bodies are not up for it. In order to prevent procrastination, you must find the best time for your body to work. Some people find that they work better and faster early in the morning, some late at night. If you schedule your work in such times, you will not be tempted to procrastinate and will be able to finish your tasks before your body starts to slip out of its productive mode.

2. Don’t overestimate yourself or underestimate your tasks. Some people tend to procrastinate because they have an overly high esteem of their abilities or they underestimate the difficulty of their tasks. Sometimes, you may find yourself thinking “the task is easy to do and won’t take any time at all; I’ll do it later.” Thus, you give in to procrastination. When you do set your mind to the task, you realize it’s actually harder than you first thought, and you end up finishing it in double the time.

3. Don’t multi-task. Multi-tasking can cause confusion and can overwhelm you. This can make your mind feel cluttered. Usually, when you get confused because of so many things you have to do, that’s when the temptation to multi-task becomes strongest. So make sure to list down everything you have to do and schedule them properly. This way, you will not have any down time in which the temptation to procrastinate can penetrate through.

4. Get your subconscious mind to cooperate. Procrastination can be hard to overcome, especially if it becomes a habit. Sometimes, you don’t consciously notice the temptation coming. Thus, you are unable to fend it off.

That’s why you need to protect your subconscious from procrastination. Your subconscious is what controls your habits and impulses. If your subconscious is well-guarded against procrastination, you won’t fall prey to the urge or impulse to procrastinate.

To alter your subconscious programming, use subliminal affirmations such as:

I always finish my tasks on time.
I achieve my goals as scheduled.
I act immediately.
I get things done as soon as I can.
I follow through on my schedule and plans.

These messages can condition the mind and help prevent procrastination from tempting you.

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