Zodiac signs have become some of the most trusted advisors in our time, as quite a number of people won't even get out of bed without reading their daily horoscope. This often means we're pretty familiar with our signs and what they have to say about us. That’s why it might shock you to find these four things you probably didn’t know about horoscopes. While some of them will get you to start paying more attention to your horoscope (if you don’t), others may even tell you more about yourself than you first knew. Then, there's the one about a 13th horoscope that's just a little confusing, and you don't know what to do with it. 

Your horoscope has more influence on your physical fitness than you think.


You may already know that people have different body morphologies and because of that, some people are just going to be fitter than others. The less agile, less muscular ones among us aren't lazy. They just have their talents in other areas. But then, what does our horoscope have to say about it? Apparently, Leos are more likely to visit the gym and get in great physical shape than the other signs. According to a survey of over 10,000 women in the United Kingdom, twice as many Leos are gym regulars as other signs. Is this just another excuse for people to slack off on their health and fitness goals? Be the judge. Maybe horoscopes can also explain why some people love to shop so much more than others.

Aries are very loaded.

If your zodiac is the ram, you may be on your way to money and wealth. A survey by Forbes found that a large chunk of the world’s billionaires are Aries. In fact, the list of the world’s richest people has more Aries on it than any other zodiacs. Does this mean that the hard-working Sagittarius is doomed to mere millionaire status? Certainly not. It does, however, mean that as an Aries, your dreams of wealth may not just be wild imagination. It may be destiny calling your name.

Democrats and Republicans disagree on horoscopes.

Does this come as a surprise? After all, these two wings disagree on just about every other social and political issue. Why would this be different? The Republicans are known for their values of personal responsibility and duty, so it may not be much of a surprise to find that they don’t believe in horoscopes as much as the more accommodating democratic group. Democrats, on the other hand, believe that people often need a hand-up and favor government intervention and oversight. This sort of matches the belief that horoscopes and things you can't control predict your behavior and desires.

Your original horoscope may not be one of the current twelve.

One of the common arguments against horoscopes is that any one of the signs can explain your behavior, regardless of what your sign is. While there's some truth to that, and you can usually find traits of yourself in every sign, your zodiac sign just seems to fit your behavior perfectly. Imagine the shock when people find out that there used to be a 13th zodiac. It was called Ophiuchus, and was later dropped because the prevalent calendar at the time only had 12 months on it. Who knows, maybe the large chunk of the world’s billionaires would have been Ophiuchus after all.

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