As a business evolves and grows they come to a point where they need to rethink, update or invest in better technologies for management. But often business owners and leadership are not sure when the best time is to do so. Hiring more people is an easier decision to make, but sometimes that higher cost of sales CRM software makes then hesitate. But the fact is that can really help with your efficiency and your sales. When this is the first time you have thought about investing in CRM how do you know if that investment is needed and will help? Here is a look at four signs your business would benefit so you can make that leap.

  1. Spreadsheets you are keeping are not able to keep up. You are not the only one that starts out by using spreadsheets to track. It works for a certain time, especially for smaller businesses. But they do not scale up well, when your business grows problems start to happen. You might notice problems with updating records, reports, formulas no loner working, sharing issues, corrupted sheets and so on. This is a good sign that you need to upgrade to sales CRM software.
  2. You are losing track of some things. When you were working with just a few employees and a small number of customers things were easy to track and stay on top of. You knew who was working on what lead, where customers were in the pipeline and what was happening at any given time. But as you hire more people, and your customer list has gotten longer you might realize you are struggling now to keep it all straight in your head. More customers might be complaining about customer service as they get lost or forgotten. With CRM you can track all that, and very importantly keep your customers happy while boosting sales.
  3. The business is growing and now is not running as effectively. You are experiencing normal growing pains that happen when a business sees growth, but they are actually starting to do damage. Your quick fixes are not working as well and some are just breaking right away. The pressure is building and this is the time to invest in sales CRM software so that everything is efficient once more.
  4. Employees are not consistently performing. As with any business you are going to have some employees who push hard even when left to themselves to get on with their job, and you are going to have some who coast along and are completely disorganized. Rather than having different people using different methods of tracking and achieving sales, with sales CRM software you can ensure all of them have the same process and everything is consistent across the business or at least the sales department. You will have complete visibility so you can see who needs nudging and who needs rewarding.
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