More and more guys are turning out to be a cheater, which is why most girls are now wondering what drives guys to become one. Was it something to do with having a nagging girlfriend, a terrible sex life, or was it just their way of evading boredom? Find out the real reasons why, by reading these 4 common reasons why a lot of guys would cheat on their girls.


Some guys confessed that the main reason why they cheated on their girls is simply because they are doing a vengeance for catching their girlfriend cheating on them first. Guys hate it when their egos are being hurt, and the fact that their girls cheated on them seems like a big slap on their face. So if you don’t want your guy to be cheating on you, then do not provoke him by cheating on him first.

Their Girlfriend Don’t Have Time for Them

Another reason why guys would cheat on their girls is simply because of their girlfriend's lack of time in being with them. It’s just normal for guys to be craving for their girlfriend’s presence, because that is how are relationships are - you need to spend time for each other. But if you are not around when your guy needs you, then it is understandable why he would look for other girls to be with.

Too Much Fighting

A relationship that is full of fights and misunderstandings is another reason why guys would decide to cheat on their girls. Guys hate it when their girls would nag them more often and would always pick a fight with them just for some lame reasons. So girls, if you do not want your boyfriend to replace you, then try to control yourself whenever you have fights with your boyfriend and try to handle your problems in the most mature way.


As mentioned from the start of this article, being bored is one reason why guys would cheat. And because of this, they would tend to look for happiness by spending time with their friends, or perhaps, with some other girl’s presence. One way to prevent your guy from being bored in your relationship is to look for activities that you two enjoyed doing, such as hobbies that you and your guy are fond of.

Although it may be the guy’s fault for cheating on their girl, but there are actually reasons why they have decided to do such thing. Sad to say, most of these reasons are their girlfriend’s fault, either due to lack of time or for becoming bratty and immature that guys can no longer handle. But regardless of the reasons for the guy’s infidelity, the best thing to do in order for these issues to be resolved is to be faithful and remain honest with each other.

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