Life is a beautiful gift of God. It is quite possible to live an ideal life in line with your dreams and desires. You can make your life more meaningful, more enjoyable, more fulfilling and more worthy of living by working on the following four points. These points cover all aspects of a person’s life.

The most valuable thing which a person can possess is education. Nothing big can be achieved in life without education. A well educated person can live an overall better life and is a blessing to the society. When I talk about education, I do not necessarily mean the formal education limited to getting a college or university degree. I want people to get formal or informal education to widen their mental horizon so that they can see beyond limitations. Learning is a life-long process. You must keep on enriching your life by seeking knowledge and learning multiple skills. The more you learn the more successful you will be in your future life.

2. Money
Money is all, most people go far. To them money is everything. They use all type of tactics, fair or unfair, to get money. Are these people successful or happy in life? No. They end up in misery and put themselves in trouble.

Your education, knowledge, skills, morals and good manners help you to get a good job or start a profitable business. Besides earning money to live a comfortable life, you also need to learn how to wisely invest your money so that your money keeps on growing and multiplying. You also need to control your expenditure so that you keep on investing your spare money in profitable businesses. It is also important to keep a balance between earning and spending otherwise you will put yourself in financial trouble.

3. Health
The third important aspect of your life is YOU, your own health and physical fitness. If you are healthy and physically fit then you can do multiple tasks and increase your income substantially. If you are not in good health then you can do nothing not even enjoy your life. Take care of your health at all costs. Keep yourself away from all types of stress, depression or negativity. Do exercise regularly and eat a balanced food. Never skip the morning breakfast.

4. Family
Family life is, no doubt, the most important aspect of a person’s life. A supporting and loving family is a blessing. Spend some quality time with your spouse. Your children also need your company. Some people are so much involved in their professional activities that they completely ignore their family, which is their biggest mistake. Never give preference to your job over your family life. Your family deserves your full attention, affection and love.

Treat the above four points (Education, Money, Health and Family), as the four pillars on which the beautiful building of your life stands. Every pillar of this building is important. If one or two pillars are weak or damaged then there is a continuous danger of collapsing of the whole building some day. Take care of all the four pillars of this building which are inter-connected and inter-related with your happiness and a more fulfilling life.

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