Do you feel that your body seems to have some problems, urinate more frequently, and you may go to the toilet seven or eight times in the morning? If so, be careful of prostatitis.

You can first understand the prostatitis symptoms. How many symptoms do you have?

1. Frequent urination and endless urination

This symptom is one of the most typical symptoms of prostatitis. When going to the toilet, there is a sudden tingling or burning sensation, and with the acceleration of urine speed, urination becomes frequent. Every time you want to go to the toilet after going to the bathroom for a while, you can conclude that you have prostatitis.

2. Perineal pain

If you have prostatitis, the inflammation may make your lower abdomen and perineum appear some heavy feelings and feel pain. Although this situation is not very serious, if the inflammation spreads in a large area or the inner thigh also appears, you can not ignore the problem.

3. Weak urine

On the one hand, prostatitis will bring males a lot of pain; on the other hand, the bladder's urinary muscle will also be damaged, which may trigger the symptoms of urine weakness. In this way, the patient's urination will become extremely difficult.

4. Urinary incontinence

It is a complication of prostatitis. If the inflammation infects a large area, the sphincter will lose its ability, so we can't control the urine.

If you have these symptoms, it is recommended that you check in the hospital in time. If diagnosed, active treatment is needed. The drug treatment of acute prostatitis is generally 4-6 weeks. During the treatment, the symptoms are relieved. People should insist on the end of the therapy cycle to avoid repeated symptoms and increase subsequent difficulty. If it is chronic prostatitis, you can choose traditional Chinese medicine treatment, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

Besides, the following six methods may help you relieve symptoms.

1. Drink plenty of water

Water can play the role of metabolism for the human body. Drinking more water can help urinate, quickly excrete the toxins in the body, and reduce toxins' residence time in the body. Drinking a little more water every day can thoroughly flush the urethra through urine, which helps to discharge the prostate's secretion.

2. Keep away from alcohol and spicy food

Because spicy food can stimulate the prostate, you are likely to have a burning sensation and urethral discomfort and even cause edema and prostate congestion if you eat it often. So, it's better to eat less at ordinary times. Besides, excessive alcohol may put your capillaries in a congestive state, resulting in edema.

3. Don't wear tight underwear

To ensure the prostate's health, males should not wear tight underwear because tight clothes are not conducive to the healthy development of our body. Men should pay attention to cleaning external genitalia and keep local hygiene.

4. Don't hold your urine

If you hold your urine regularly, it may affect your bladder and prostate. So don't hold your urine.

5. Control the sex

For the prevention of prostate, the most important thing is to control their sex. It shows that men should not have an excessive sex life, and they should not abstain from sex.

6. Develop good eating habits and live a regular life

Men need to keep good work habits and rest, which is the primary way to protect their health. So have regular life and a proper diet. When necessary, do more exercise to exercise your body and to enhance the resistance better.

These are the characteristics of prostatitis and how to deal with it. In life, men need to pay more attention to their bodies. They should not ignore their bodies until the disease comes. About prostatitis, do you have something to say?

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