Health is the goal people have been pursuing. An unhealthy body can bring significant harm to the family.

Chronic prostatitis is one of the most common diseases in adult men, and most of them are young. The etiology of prostatitis is complex, but it is generally believed that many bad habits may induce prostatitis, which needs to be strictly avoided.

It mainly includes the following four lifestyles:

1. Sedentary

Short-term sitting has little effect on health. If you sit for a long time, it will lead to excessive congestion of the perineum and pelvic organs. These parts will accumulate metabolites, leading to prostatitis and other "sedentary disease."

In the past, taxi drivers and long-distance bus drivers were prone to chronic prostatitis. Still, with the change of the nature of life and work, office staff, financial staff, IT practitioners also joined the susceptible population of chronic prostatitis.

2. Excessive drinking alcohol

After alcohol enters the human body, it will accelerate blood circulation and expand blood vessels, especially visceral blood vessels. When suffering from prostatitis, alcohol will aggravate pelvic organ congestion, making the symptoms more noticeable. Therefore, when suffering from prostatitis, it is necessary to give up drinking excessive alcohol. People without prostatitis should avoid overeating and drinking a small amount of alcohol.

3. Spicy food

Spicy food has a stimulating function on the prostate and urethral, mainly because it can cause prostate vasodilation, congestion, or edema to avoid excessive consumption.

4. Cold stimulation, overwork

Continuous cold, overwork, and other stimulation can make sympathetic nerve over-excited for a long time, make smooth muscle contraction of the prostate, bladder neck, posterior urethra, and other parts, lead to prostate duct obstruction, urine flow back to prostate tissue, cause prostatitis or aggravate the original symptoms. Therefore, to keep warm, young people should avoid it and rest when they feel tired.

Chronic prostatitis is a big problem that perplexes the majority of men. It will bring harm to men's bodies and minds, and it needs active treatment. When treating chronic prostatitis, antibiotics can be used to control inflammation.

But because some antibiotics can not penetrate the prostate, so the curative effect will be greatly reduced during treatment. The components in herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can penetrate the prostate. It can eliminate symptoms and causes, reduce the risk of disease recurrence.

To get prostatitis relief, men should get rid of these bad habitis and pay attention to rest.

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