Due to the way our society is conditioned, I was very embarrassed about being completely overweight. It made me self-conscious to the point where I would begin making excuses for going out of the house. My self-esteem felt so low just because of the way I looked, even though inside I knew I was a nice, caring, and loving person. The turning point for me was very simple: eating fat burning foods that gave me loads of energy, kept the weight off, and made me feel beautiful & sexy.

If you can follow this one rule I'm about to share with you about eating properly, you will also have the feeling of being slim & sexy all the time... Rule: Avoid all types of cholesterol + fat in order to maintain a healthy & clean diet.

When many people decide to lose weight, they start off by starving themselves, this is a big NO NO. The idea isn't to not eat, but it's to eat properly, that is eating fat burning foods. There are many of these types of foods available out there, but I will give you the four that have proven to give the best results, here they are:

1) Healthy vegetables: Adding a plate of grilled veggies to your lunch & dinner menu everyday will be tasty yet healthy addition to what you’re used to eating. Some of the best ones are carrots, onions, eggplant, and garlic all grilled up. A great way I enjoy putting this together is to toss them up into a salad.

2) Lots of fruits: I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but the benefits of eating daily fruits are countless. A great place to add fruit to your meal plan is for dessert. I’ve always had the need to complete my meal with something sweet, and I’ve replaced chocolate with fruit which has worked out nicely. Most of us feel that without a dessert at the end of the meal, the meal seems incomplete.

3) Soup served chilled/cold: A good reason to drink chilled/cold soup is to bring down the amount of calories in your meal. To add more nutrients to your soup, load it up with lots of green veggies. You can either start your meal of or end it with a cut of soup. You’ll also feel very satisfied after adding soups of this type to your meal, resulting in eating less of everything else in the meal.

4) Salad: If you’re really serious about getting your diet handled, then I would highly recommend eating a salad every single day. It’s one of the simplest things to prepare and is one of the most effective weight loss foods. You can spice things up with assorted nuts, bread rolls, a taste of homemade herbs, and even some light dressing.

There's the big four you want to begin adding to your diet immediately.

If you want to turn these foods into habits, add 1 food a week to your diet, for four weeks. So after one full month, you will automatically have the habit of eating these four fat burning foods! It's also a good idea to exercise for weight loss along with changing your diet for the better.

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