Meaning of freedom varies from person to person, some see it as a reality that many great nations has experienced but there are people as well who sees freedom as an illusion. So, we have come to a slot that the broader concept of freedom is a contradictory term and this Is the reason why teachers want students to write freedom essays for they want to know how they see freedom? And they expect from them most of the time to evaluate it from illusionary perspective.

But most of the students get stuck in writing freedom essay that answers “is freedom an illusion” because they have always seen freedom as a blessing and reality so how come they will be able to see it from that perspective. So, in order to help those students who are stuck in writing freedom essay, we have decided to help them by giving some effective tips for essay of freedom .

First tip:

First thing in your essay of freedom on the topic of is freedom an illusion would be the thesis statement which should be clear and up to the point. For instance, the thesis statement could be something like this:

If the individuals in the society are not free to utilize life opportunities than, the phrase,” freedom is an illusion” best fits for such society.

Second tip:

Make your essay about freedom more contradictory by starting with a controversial statement in order to define the word freedom, for example:

A society which has now laws meant for the safeguard of the fundamental rights of the citizens then we can say it loudly that freedom is really an illusion.

Third tip:

Quotes always works, especially when it comes to an essay, therefore, use an interesting freedom quote that illustrate your point and forces a reader to keep reading the freedom essay based on the topic of ,”is freedom an illusion?. For example:

“Freedom from worries and surcease from strain are illusions that always inhabit the distance” (Edwin Way Teale)

Fourth tip:

Conclude your essay in by telling the reader about how the meaning of freedom varies from person to person and what are the impacts of the surroundings on them in your freedom essay?, for example:

Environment is a crucial factor in the process of decision making and every action of an individual in the society is derived from the environmental circumstances; therefore, you can say that freedom is no way a reality

Therefore, freedom can be illusion as well if you try to evaluate it from different perspectives and the reason that the students doesn’t get good marks in their freedom essay is that they only takes freedom as a blessings but sometimes it can turn into a nightmare as well. A word of advice here is that you should make your freedom definition essay a bit contradictory in order to maintain the readers interest and go through the above told freedom essay writing tips so that you can end up with a good piece of paper and impress your teacher eventually.

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