The quality of your customer service is a crucial key to make your company stands out from the crowd. Call centers that focus primarily on resolving customer issues are often placed at the last line of defense of keeping the customers, ensuring a high level of contact center performance and customer satisfaction.

Contact center also serves a very essential role in your company’s sales lead generation strategy. Now just like any other call centers, you want to offer a topnotch customer service that really creates value to your clients, cultivate a long-term relationship, and boost the sales metrics.

To get you started, below are four excellent tips that can help reduce turnover and improve your company’s customer experience.

1. Set the bar for performance

Evaluate the current state of your customer service, and then identify who are the individuals in your team who give the best performance. They are typically the more experienced telesales pros and call center agents, who possess the skills and ability to carry out diverse functions of their role.

Once you have identified them, they will be the “secret sauce” to providing high quality service that will set the bar high for overall performance.

2. Motivate your team

Talk with call center personnel regularly for a motivation inputs. This makes sure that the team is properly motivated and dedicated to do their job well. Remind them of their importance and how performance can hugely affect how the company achieves its goals. This can also help foster enthusiasm within the team moving forward.

3. Sustain high quality performance

Ensure to maintain a high standard of your call center customer service performance. Be creative when using best practices and activities that sustain the level of quality of your service, and encourage discussion about complex situations and appropriate actions to take.

4. Benchmark performance

Measure the customer service performance quality of your organization. This is to make sure that you are consistently providing real value to your customers through all your client-facing departments, especially your contact center department, while at the same time encouraging your sales and call center personnel to deliver impeccable customer experience.

These are only four of the most effective ways to transform your call center service. Check back in for more excellent tips and strategies that you can use to improve the retention ratios and sales of your business.

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Jam Dwade is business consultant and customer service specialist working for Live2Sell Group of Companies. Live2Sell offers complete call center outsourcing services and telemarketing lead generation solutions to businesses worldwide. To learn more about the services, you can visit at