There are currently four existing ways people perceive and process their information, and they are: visual, auditory, auditory digital and kinesthetic. During the whole process, the listeners process information via senses and intuition but they utilize all four ways at different times. All the listeners tend to focus on one of the four ways stated above more than the other three ways.

Visual: Individuals who focus on this way, process the information by visualizing images. They are most likely to get less distracted by sounds which disturb them. Most of such type of individuals possess the quality of being difficult when it comes to remembering and most of them are interested in how the information looks like. Researches confirm that plenty of them are satisfied when words such as “see, look, envision, image and picture” occur throughout a speech for example, since these words inspire them to see images in their minds.

Auditory: “Hear sound, listen, resonate and harmonize” are the words fit for this type of people. Individuals who focus on the auditory way are opposite of visual ones since they are easily distracted by any sounds arising during the process. Such type of individuals acquire knowledge by listening to the speaker, meaning that the quality of your vocal tone is extremely important for them.

Auditory digital: Individuals categorized in this section can not resist the temptation of spending a good amount of time in their heads, communicating to themselves. They tend to acquire information by steps, procedures and a series of multiple elements called sequences. In order to bright them up you are supposed to make them understand your statement makes sense, using words such as “experience, sense, understand, think, motivate and device”.

Kinesthetic: Listeners who belong to this category communicate extremely slowly. They are intellectually and emotionally oriented towards their own feelings than visual, auditory and auditory digital individuals. They acquire knowledge by doing the actual thing, basically feeling it. Words that go well with the members belonging to this category include “touch, grasp, feel, concrete, solid and get hold of”.

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