When it comes to donating blood, the first thing that many people tend to think about is that doing so is a great way to help those who are in need of it for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that just one single donation is able to save up to three different lives.

While donating blood offers many different benefits to those who receive it, it can also offer all sorts of benefits to those who donate it as well. Here are four benefits that come with donating blood on a regular basis.

It Can Be Analyzed for Free

Every time you donate blood, it is always analyzed for various types of diseases such as HIV, syphilis, hepatitis, and more. Depending on what all is found based on the analysis performed, it will determine whether or not you will be eligible to donate. Furthermore, a sample of your blood could also be used either immediately or sometime in the future for further testing or medical research, provided you give your consent.

You Can Lower Your Risk of a Heart Attack

When you donate blood at least once per year, you will be reducing your risk of suffering a heart attack by at least 88%. This is because you will be getting rid of extra iron deposits, which will allow your blood vessels to have more room in which to operate. Normally, high amounts of iron in your blood can constrict the blood vessels themselves, thereby increasing your risk of suffering a heart attack.

Many Donation Options Available

Depending on overall patient needs, as well as your specific blood type, there are many different donation options available to take advantage of at your local blood bank. These include the following:
• Whole Blood Donation
• Power Red Donation
• Platelet Donation
• Plasma Donation
• Plasma Donation
• Blood Types/Components

Harmful Iron Stores Can Be Reduced

Donating blood is also said to be a useful way to help reduce extra iron stores that are found in the body. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that those who have excess amounts of iron in their blood should donate it as a way to help reduce these extra stores in their body.

These are only a select few of the many different benefits that you can experience as a result of donating blood. Not only will you be doing an amazing deed by helping your fellow neighbor, but you will also be doing your own body a favor and enabling yourself to live a happier and healthier life as a result.

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