I am a little fermenter. The discus is different from the common pancakes on the market. Mao tea is directly placed in a metal casserole, then steamed to soften, and then the metal mold is pressed into the casserole. After drying, just package. In such tea products, the cake surface is firm and the other side has bumps (commonly known as air nails, during autoclaving, there are holes under the porridge, which is conducive to steam to fully steam the soft tea product), and there is no cake nest.

Discus pressing is very compact, uniform in thickness, and has a very regular round shape. There are air nails on the back. It is as hard as iron. It is commonly known as discus and is the best weapon for smashing people and making bricks!

The benefits of pressing cooked tea into discus are many:

1. The process is saved. After the fermented cooked tea undergoes a lot of fermentation, the contents are consumed a lot, the flexibility of the tea is reduced, and it is not convenient to make the type of pressing. Generally, the tea is softened by the tide water and then autoclaved. Need tide water, steam it directly in a metal retort, and then press it with 2-5 tons of mechanical pressure. The pressure is very large and there is no need to do the tea kneading process of cakes. It can be operated by 2-3 people.

2. The transportation and packaging space is saved to the greatest extent. The thickness of the discus is even, unlike the thin thick edge in the middle of the bubble cake, so there is almost no gap between the cake and the cake, which can save the packaging space, install more tea cakes, and save the package material.

3. To maintain the continuous stability and aroma of tea quality, there is no doubt that the discus conversion is slow, but its compaction is compact, and it has little contact with the outside air, microorganisms, etc., and the inner quality and aroma are difficult to transform and escape. Greatly retain the original quality and aroma of tea. Generally speaking, the aroma of discus is higher than that of bubble cake!

4. The re-pressing of cooked tea that has been aged for many years is most suitable for pressing into a discus. For example, a cooked loose tea, which has been aged for five years, has already shown its fragrance, but if it is to be pressed into a cake, it must be damp, so the moisture of the tea becomes heavy Pressed into a bubble cake, the water taste will not be light, and the fragrance will appear again after a long time, and pressed into a discus, without pressing the water, directly press the cake, the aroma and taste just after the pressure is already the effect of medium-term cooked tea, Although considering that the aging is slow, it has been scattered for five years, and even if the later conversion is slow, it will not matter much.

Dear friends, let's compare the difference between discus cooked and hot cake cooked next time!

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