It's all in how you look at it, don't you think!


Linda Larson Schlitz is one of my most inspirational friends. You’ll see why I admire her so much when I tell you this story!


She has ADHD and Hypo-Mania Type II Bi-Polar - and I tell you that because it's important to the whole point of this story!


Misplacing or losing things is something Linda accepts as a part of life.


She's lost her car - by which I mean she's forgotten where she parked it in a big shopping center lot - well, she's misplaced it so many times that she decided to make it easier to find! She put a roll of toilet paper in the back window!


That did the trick for a while, until she needed the toilet paper for…well, you know why she needed it…


So then, one day, Linda was attending a family birthday party and locked herself out of her car because she "lost" her car keys. Well, this certainly wasn’t the first time she had locked herself out of her car, as the many dents and pry marks all around the doors made clear.


A crowd was already gathering around her, trying to help.


A friend of Linda's was just about to break into her car with a crowbar when an observant bystander named “Papa Jim” told her the key was in the waistband of her pants. Someone later came up to Linda and asked her if she had found her key. 


So here comes the punchline…


With her characteristic unchecked exuberance, Linda replied,


“Yes, Papa Jim found it down my pants!” 


Anybody would feel humiliated right? Not my friend, Linda!


Her reaction was…OK, I have another amusing story to share with people to inspire them in spite of their perceived shortcomings.




Linda, like me (Kari), hopes that you are less upset about "the whole losing keys, dents in cars, embarrassing moments, time lost and money spent on key related retrieval things" because you can see the bright side in ADHD, no matter what!


As Linda herself says in her wonderful book, Ditzy Blonde Faucet - It's a God Thing,


"It’s all in your perspective. Change the way you think and it will change the way you feel and that will change the things you do."


Her positivity in the face of challenges isn't the only reason I deeply admire Linda! 


Her many awards include the Red Cross Hometown Hero award, the prestigious Athena award (given for assisting women in developing professional and leadership skills) and a commendation from the governor of Wisconsin.


Linda and her family founded Randlin Adult Family Care Homes, a non-profit organization that assists homeless veterans and adults with mental health issues who have been turned away by other agencies as “untreatable.” 


She has used the skills she learned completing a master’s degree in guidance and counseling to create and lead programs for teens recovering from drug abuse and food addiction.


Linda's book will make you laugh and cry and appreciate the gifts of ADHD. You can find it on Amazon!


Have a fun, empowered, embarrassment-free day!!! No matter what!!


"The mind is everything. What you think you become."

- Buddha



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