The TMI infographic Fostering a learning culture in 2019: drivers and barriers shows both the employee’s and manager’s perspectives towards learning and development activities. While they both agree that a learning culture boosts productivity and engagement, executing the tenets in day-to-day work remains a challenge. This infographic identifies two major impediments in the Learning and Development journey: time availability and manager’s initiative. It also suggests solutions that talent management professionals can devise to facilitate maximum benefit to both the employee and the manager so neither of them resents time and effort invested in the learning activities.

Consistent L & D initiatives could answer the talent manager’s employee retention woes. 94% of employees have acknowledged that if the company is willing to invest in their training and development then they might stay longer in their jobs. 56% of respondents said that if their line manager is directly involved in the learning activity and suggests relevant learning subjects then they would be more inclined to learn a new skill. 2 out of 3 employees are motivated to learn if their reporting manager is involved in the process.

Managers, though willing to encourage the development activities, find it challenging to link it with overall productivity. The infographic suggests that talent managers take the lead and encourage both the employers and the employees to make time and be involved in the L & D initiatives. Managers can align the learning objectives with their goals. However, they are more likely to take the lead if their initiatives are linked with their promotion paths and the process is easy.

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