Leading recruiter observes the dress code opted by the candidate while they are entering for the interview. It is also another fact that the interview dress code may greatly vary depending upon the location, industry, and company.

Formal dress code is crucial while appearing for a corporate interview for middle level/senior position in industries like banking and financial services, telecom, etc. The main reason for preferring formal outfits is, formal dress code reflects the candidate’s strong leadership trait and also shows the candidate’s seriousness towards the company and the interviewer.

If you are struggling and wondering about what to wear on your corporate interview day, then, ease your tension by knowing about the ideal dress code for males, while going for an interview, from the best employment agency.

Top wear:

Shirts: A light or solid colored, plain or micro checks, long-sleeved shirt is always an ideal interview dressing.

Suits and blazers: Formal suit or blazer in black, navy blue, dark grey, dark brown colors, over a light or solid colored shirt is always a good idea.

Bottom wear:

Trouser: Plain trousers in dark-color, such as black, grey, or blue with a slim, medium, or regular fit is always preferable.


Socks: A plain pair of socks that match your trouser’s color.

Shoes: Formal shoes with black or tan color are commonly preferred.


Tie: Traditional tie in such color and pattern that can complement your shirt completes the formal look.

Belt: A plain or solid textured belt in black, brown, or dark blue color is the best.

Watch: A classic watch can add a finishing touch to your look.

Bag: You can carry a basic brown or black laptop bag or small briefcase for your documents.

Some of the main points to remember for interview dressing by males are:

Always put on clean and well-pressed dresses/clothes.
Avoid prints or loud colors in shirts and flashy ties.
Never forget to wear a mild deodorant.
Ensure your shoes do not have stains and dust.
Choose a clean-shaven look or a well-trimmed beard look.
Apply aftershave in a limited amount.
Keep neatly trimmed nails.
Carry the resume and other important documents in a laptop bag or briefcase.
So, if you want to know more about the corporate interview dress code or any other interview tips, then it will be best to list yourself with an employment agency list or recruiter directory and gain more knowledge from the leading employment agency.

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