Forgiveness in life

Is forgiveness a sign of weakness? Does unforgiveness hurt you? Does forgiving someone benefit you?

Every person should learn how to forgive, which really means when you think of someone that upset or hurt you, you wish him or her good and prosperity. When you don’t forgive people, then you are producing negative energy and are hurting yourself.

Negative definitions of forgiveness

1. Forgiveness means weakness

How many times have you heard people say to you that if you forgive someone who hurt you, then you are weak? There are many people who believe forgiveness is weakness and they don’t forgive the other person, so the other person won’t think that he or she is weak.

2. Forgiveness means controlling

Some people think that if you forgive someone, then you are giving the other person a chance to control you.

3. Forgiveness means you forget what happened

Some people think that if you forgive someone, then you are telling this person is ok what he or she did.

Unforgiveness Increases your negative emotions
As long as you stay thinking about the pain that the other person has caused you, the more your negative emotions will increase.

Jen mentions that she was with her friend in a restaurant, suddenly they disagreed about some topic. While Jen was going home, her thoughts became more and more negative toward her friend. Jen started to focus on the negative issues and on what is wrong with her friend. When Jen got home, her thoughts were full of negativity and her energy is down.

You see what happened over here? As long as Jen stays not forgiving her friend, her negative emotions towards her friend will be dominant, which is really not helpful for Jen. If Jen forgives her friend, a positive emotion will follow. Unforgiveness and resentment will stop Jen from being positive, but forgiveness releases the bad energy and frees her up, so she can grow as a human being in a positive way.

Benefits of forgiveness

When you forgive, you are thinking in the right and positive way, therefore, your emotions are positive. Practicing forgiveness will help you to dissolve the negative energy around you, will also clear up the relationships you have with everyone in your life, and freedom from the anger and resentment of the past.

If your goal is to learn how to be more forgiving, follow the quick guide below:

1. Realization

Your first have to realize that you have to forgive for your own benefits. When you realize that it is better for you to forgive, half the work is done.

2. Know your lesson

Ask yourself, what is the lesson that this experience has taught you? Once you know the positive lessons you learned, this will help reduce and overcome your negative emotions.

3. Pray

There is a study that was done a few months ago on prayer and forgiveness, which showed the more you pray, the easier it becomes for you to forgive.

4. Action

Action is when you decide to forgive and then do it, which is the best you can do for yourself.

Always remember what Catherine Ponder said, “When you hold resentment toward another, you are bound to that person or condition by an unemotional link that is stronger than steel. Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free.”

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