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Why a Forex Managed Account?

Self-trading in the currency markets is at best a difficult proposition. To be successful a currency trader must follow market movements 24 hours a day, five days a week. Many Forex investors do not have the time, experience or desire to trade with this intensity themselves. Forex Managed Accounts were created for investors with risk capital who do not necessarily want to trade on their own or know nothing about Fx Market. In a Forex Managed Account the positions belong to your portfolio alone. Unlike mutual funds or hedge funds which commingle your funds with other investors, a Forex Managed Account is in your name and all or part of your funds can be redeemed within one day. There is no lock up period. Additionally, your Money Manager is personally invested in the managed account to the tune of approximately 5% of the combined balance.

How it works? (Important)

You open a private, personal, password protected Forex Managed Account under your name with a Forex Brokers on below links--------- ) or , that you have access to from anywhere in the world via the Internet. We get limited powers documents to trade your account, but not to withdraw any funds.
All investor accounts are linked under one trading platform allowing the trader to place an order simultaneously across all managed accounts (including his own).
Your secure account is traded on your behalf via a power of attorney.

Monthly Returns

In excess of consistent 3% to 10% (deducted performance fees)


The Forex Managed Account Performance Fee is based on each month's net profits only and it's deducted from the account monthly.The Performance Fee is deducted from the net profits and there is no performance fees if there is no profits.
Monthly Performance Fee:

45% for accounts up USD 2,000 ----- up to USD 10,000
35% for accounts up to USD 100,000
30% for accounts USD 250,000 - USD 500,000
20% for accounts USD 500,000 up to USD 1'000,000 and for more.

Forex Managed Accounts are not a hedge fund or pooled funds.

Clients do not deposit funds with us or through us, this is done through our fully

regulated broker partners mentioned below.Open an account now.

Forex Brokers we recommend for now or get your own choice near-by you.



3 .............. For big accounts, go here .....

NOTE.......... OUR FOREX TRADING SIGNALS IS 200 USD monthly payment and

LO GIN AND PASSWORD will be given to you after your payment by PAPAL or By

WESTERN UNION , were you will see our day to day trading signals you will use to

manage your own money, if you wish to to trade for your self with our instructions.

IMPORTANT:Any new deposits or compounds from clients will have to sign the POA(Power Of Attorney) form again in the range of amount above.The amount over 501k with signed POA will not have to sign again with new deposit or compounds next time.

Minimum Qualifying Amount to Investments with us

$2,000 up

Our Trading Strategy

Using a discretionary approach, trades are entered manually when a combination of historically proven technical indicators signal a potential low risk entry. Generally advantage is taken of the spot overnight rollover interest payments made on the leveraged size of the trades. The goal of this strategy is to make few yet conservative trades with the aim of providing the investor with a monthly profit of between 2-4 percent - see performance. However, in volatile market conditions, losses may still occur.
Positions are kept open until such time as either a protective stop order is triggered guaranteeing a safe predefined loss, or a trailing stop/limit order is triggered thus locking in profits. It should be noted that extremely volatile market conditions may prevent stop/limit orders from being triggered.
Strict money management methods are incorporated in order to preserve capital and produce the maximum return for investors.


Profits possible regardless of direction of the dollar versus other currencies, however in volatile market conditions, losses may still occur.
Only the client can withdraw funds
The Manager has Limited Power of Attorney
Client funds in client's name
Client receives daily electronic statements direct from broker
Only $2,500 account initial account opening we can manage for you

Money Managers personally invested in Managed Accounts too

Excellent Customer Service

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