Established by a team of German developers, Forex Bench Mark is a really in-depth trading website that is committed to the impartial comparison of forex brokers, forex specialist advisors (EAs)-- additionally known as forex robots and devices to assist with technological, fundamental and sentiment analysis.

The Forex Bench Mark website has a riches of tools and also info such as comprehensive EA reviews, essential logical details, helpful academic posts and also trading tools/widgets.

Forex Bench Mark places wonderful emphasis on openness which is something that is extremely essential in the forex sector. The posts, testimonials and also contrasts that they perform and also publish freely on their site can help evaluate broker problems (spreads, slippage, payment, etc) as well as EA performances.

Amongst the crucial attributes of the Forex Bench Mark solutions are:

  • Instinctive contrast devices for analysing different broker problems
  • Thorough specialist advisor (EA) real live examinations
  • Thorough specialist consultant (EA) reviews
  • Advanced Quant Analytics
  • Educational short articles
  • Trading tools/widgets

What I personally believe stands Forex Bench Mark in addition to most other trading software associated sites is the quantity of sophisticated analysis they produce. Whilst most will simply publish stats, they have actually taken it that step additionally by providing progressed quant devices to aid with trading research.

Twitter Sentiment

This device makes use of twitter messages to develop the overall market sentiment. It analyses tweets as well as categorises them right into acquiring or offering signals. A worth of +1 methods that 100% of analysed tweets are favorable whilst a worth of -1 means that 100% of tweets analysed or bearish. E.g. A value of +0.7 would certainly indicate that according to the Forex Bench Mark twitter belief device, 70% of tweets suggest a buying view. The major FX money sets such as the GBPUSD & EURUSD are included.

Retail Positions

This section of the Forex Bench Mark website has very valuable view analysis devices.

Complete Quantity

This displays the total quantity of investors for the FX money on display. Whereas many devices will show the volume of the money set, this shows the money overall across all sets.

Extreme Positioning

This shows the extreme positioning of FX currency pairs, sorted from high to reduced. This can be beneficial to seek severe problems for contrarian trading approaches. It can likewise be integrated with the twitter belief tool.

Market Sentiment

The belief table shows comprehensive information concerning the view throughout numerous FX money. It will display the amount of traders are lengthy and also how many are brief in terms of volume and also portion. It will certainly additionally reveal the range of all open positions from the ordinary price.

Currency Strength

This presents the cost inconsistency from the relocating standard, calculated in regards to common discrepancies (on a daily chart). E.g. a value of 1 suggests that the currency is on average 1 common discrepancy above the relocating standard on all pairs which contain the money.

Fair Worth Version

Forex Bench Mark utilize a direct regression version to present FX Fair Value, upgraded on a daily basis. The data of the previous month is excluded from the training set and also hence a result of the model prediction is based upon the complying with input information: 10Y and also 2Y bond returns, rising cost of living, acquiring power parity, gold, copper, iron ore, oil, milk, lumber, S&P 500, and also EURO STOXX 50.

Bond Returns

Forex Bench Mark have actually an area committed to evaluating bonds. It covers currency set yield tops the short as well as long term with instinctive tools that can be used to assist recognize the present financial condition across numerous currencies.


The Forex Bench Mark website has some academic articles covering topics from choosing a trading broker to how to back examination making use of a professional advisor properly.

Professional Advisors

Forex Bench Mark have a section of their web site dedicated to skilled consultants (EAs). Within this area, they rate the EAs based upon performance and additionally consist of a comprehensive testimonial. They also have their own live accounts running EAs and include a guide on how they carry out the back examinations revealed within the EA testimonials.

Broker Information

Forex Bench Mark have a terrific variety of tools that can be utilized to analyse brokers information and aid see which is offering the problems that are most ideal to your trading strategy.

Spread Comparison

This broker spread tool reveals the different spreads during different times from an option of trading brokers. You can filter by currency set, broker, min/max values and also day. Historical spread data is likewise offered. This tool can prove very useful if you have a scalping trading method that calls for as tight a spread as possible.

Swap Rates

This tool presents the historic swap prices from an option of trading brokers. You can pick brokers as well as sets to show through the settings button.

Swap Hedge

This table shows prospective mixes of gaining positive swap rates by being lengthy and short the exact same sign on 2 various brokers. Swap prices are displayed in USD per lot. Swap prices are not ensured as well as can change any time without notification.

Broker Spread Similarity

The broker spread resemblance matric tool presents the resemblance as well as difference of spread data between brokers over the previous 5 organisation days, with a worth of 1.0 indicating the spread information equaled as well as a worth of 0 meaning there was a big difference.

Broker Info

This area presents several of the essential factors to consider when choosing a trading broker, displayed in a sortable table with filters.


Generally, Forex Bench Mark is a really interesting and helpful forex trading website with a substantial option of innovative trading devices that can aid with market and also broker evaluation. This is also complimented by a series of specialist consultant reviews/tests and also instructional products.

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