Large multi-national companies used to handle all their customer support needs in-house. These companies would have entire departments dedicated to answering calls from customers. This 24-hour customer service uses a constantly-rotating shift of employees to always keep the phone lines open and responsive. Ironically, the larger a firm became and the more products and services it marketed, the more difficult it became to adequately handle the volume of client inquiries that their new market position caused.

With the country’s current economic lull, it has become increasingly expensive to maintain the type of manpower that the service requires. However, it doesn’t mean the companies can just abandon the responsibility of resolving customer concerns about their products and services. Instead, many organizations decided to institute the necessary changes in order to meet their client’s needs without compromising the shareholders’ money.

These large-scale companies found that outsourcing was the solution that worked best. By investing in dedicated facilities in developing countries, these firms were able to provide the same kind of service at a miniscule fraction of the costs of operating these services in-house. Since average industry rates in third-world nations are significantly smaller, the salary they used to pay one single person can now keep more than a dozen individuals content and happy.

There are many places that Western businesses have started a call center or two in, but mostly these call centers are located all over Asia. Some parts of Africa are also experiencing a boom in the same industry. Of all these disparate locations, there are two countries that are generally regarded to be at the forefront of this new market’s growth.

India was the first country that became known for providing any interested global corporation with a call center of their own. The idea of Indian tech support has become so prevalent that it has already entered the annals of American pop culture and media.

The Philippines is another nation that is seeing many a call center sprouting left and right. The nation is particularly known for providing the best English speakers in the industry, at a price that’s more competitive than that of any other developing country.

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