For the sports lover, making athletics your job seems like a dream come true. It is possible to train for a career in athletics and stay connected to the games that you love. This career choice can come in many different forms and there are different ways to achieve your goal. There are traditional programs to choose from as well and Forbes has a "Top Ten" list to help you decide which direction to go.

Physical Therapist

With sports comes the chance for injuries. Physical therapists work with athletes to help them recover and prevent further damage. A physical therapist must complete specialized training including studies in biology, anatomy and other science courses. A career in physical therapy can lead to jobs in private practice or as part of a college or professional team. Working directly with the athletes can help make a difference and make for an exciting career in sports.


To many people, coaching is a great way to stay in the game they love. There are many ways to have a career as a coach. Professional sports coaches make big money but positions are limited. There are other opportunities available in high school and collegiate organizations that offer the chance to make a difference and inspire young athletes to develop into the best they can be. A degree in athletic administration or sports management could lead to a successful coaching job.

Athletic Administrator

An athletic administrator position usually requires a Master's degree. This job lets you stay involved in athletics while making a good salary at the same time. During your training for your degree in athletic administration, you will learn about management, finance, marketing, and many other areas specific to this career that allows you to stay close to the action. One education option is an Ohio University athletic administration degree, a program you can take online. It gives students a chance to do the majority of their work remotely while still giving them the knowledge they need for a future career in athletics.

Sport Psychologist

Just like an athlete’s body must be prepared for their sport, so must their mind. A sport psychologist works with athletes to make sure that they are mentally able to handle the pressure that they are under. In order for a professional athlete to be at the top of their game, they must be able to handle the related stresses. A sport psychologist completes training in psychology, obviously, but will also complete specific training in areas related to sports. A doctorate degree in psychology is probably going to be necessary in order to find a job in professional organizations.

Sports are a way of life for many. To stay in the game and work alongside others with the same passion is a dream realized if the right training is accomplished. Researching a great program is the best place to start in order to follow that dream.

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