Many times when I sit down to write an article a title pops in my head before the content. I was singing a song from the 70's (I forget who sings it) with a chorus that says, money, money, money... MONEY! It always gives me energy when I hum it. I love money. I get very excited about it. I appreciate it so much. Every time I get a new sale from my website or someone registers for a class, I always send an email to my virtual assistant saying, "I love money!" Even if the sale is only ten dollars, it's a thrill.

I love money for more than the benefit of getting to spend it. It's fun to know that I am focusing positively and having a good time such that I attract the money. It's also an affirmation that what I'm putting out in the world is having a good impact. I also know that when I appreciate the money I do have, I can't be focused on the money I don't yet have. It lifts my mood to be joyful about money. When my mood is happy, everything goes smoother.

What is your level of love for money? Are you enjoying what you have and feeling in partnership with it? Could you improve your level of gratitude about money?

The amount of money you have and the amount of freedom your have do not have to be linked together. I'd say 90% of the clients that I work with say that they will feel more freedom when they have more money. This is a huge misconception. I have clients who now make more money than they ever had and still feel like someday it will all go away. They do not feel totally secure in their ability to always attract enough money.

What is the secret to having more money and feeling freedom right now? You have to feel free no matter what your level of income and debt. I mention debt because most people feel a heavy weight on their shoulders if their debt is high. As soon as you lift the veil of fear of running out of money, never having enough or getting swallowed up by your debt, you will start to see more money in your possession. I know this is not the easiest practice, but it works.

As my partner, Eva, says, "This is an inside job". The amount of money you possess and the debt you incur are all a direct sum of your love or fear of money. No kidding. You may say to yourself that you don't fear money. Okay, well then do you resent the amount you have? You need to be in complete trust that you will have more than enough. A knowing. You take actions confidently regarding money. You joyfully pay your bills. In order to have more than enough money, you have to have more joy than stress about money. For some of you, this is a big stretch. You have to get more committed to enjoying this moment than focusing on something in the future that hasn't happened yet.

I personally wouldn't hang out with a negative person at a cocktail party. I'd walk away and go talk to someone else who I can have fun with. So, why would you want to listen to your fearful pessimistic money voice? You know, the one that says things like:

My rent is due and my credit is about to go down the toilet.
My credit is bad and I won't be able to buy a new car, house, boat, etc.
I've always struggled. How will anything change?
I don't know how to get out of this rut.
I can't dream because I can't afford anything anyway.

It would be a lot more enjoyable to listen to a voice saying things like:

I enjoy all the money that comes to me.
More money is coming. My current situation is temporary.
I can attract more. What thoughts and actions will make me feel good?
My freedom comes from my state of mind, not my pocket book.
I can change any situation when I am ready to commit.

If you are already in love with money, how can you enjoy it more? If you are tired of feeling a victim to money, what kind of thoughts and actions would give you some relief? I dare you to create a love affair in your mind with money. It will come running to you... maybe a trickle at first. Then watch as it turns into a downpour. Realize that this is a much easier process if you are doing this with a partner, group or coach. Make the leap.

Romancing the dollar will bring passion into all areas of your life.

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