A teacher knows her class well from students to classes and other responsibilities. But what if one day you come to know that you require taking long emergency holidays and you have no time left to brief the new substitute teacher. You are worried about the unfinished course and other activities and preparations for upcoming annual day. The solution is to prepare easy plan folder for the substitute educator, so that he/she feels more comfortable and knows exactly what to do, without feeling panicky. It is usually that substitute teachers are without notice as it is emergency call. It gets difficult for him and students to adjust to the change. A little help from your side can help reduce the gravity of awkwardness for new teacher and students. Here is how you can prepare easy plans for your substitute-

• Begin with listing classroom rules. It is like an overview for teacher to know what to do and what not to do. By gaining knowledge on this front, the substitute can let children know that he/she is well aware with followed conventions in the classroom. This will alert students to not to take their new teacher frivolously. This will help ensure that students behave as they should.

• Prepare a description for class routines. Let the substitute teacher know what subject class follows another. It is not just about providing a time-table but write whatever that is required for example – Are students in charge of handling out papers in a particular class? When do students get free time? Etc. Also, write names of teachers taking particular classes along with the names of their substitute teachers.

• Prepare lesson guide plan. Include all chapters and reference materials. Also, if subjects are assisted by any practical lessons. Provide books and reference materials. Have them printed off and place it in the folder for easy access.

• Provide substitute teacher with a policy handbook, so that he/she can quickly refer to it at times of dilemma. It may include things like lunch rules, fire drills, playground rules, internet usage etc.

• Last but not least prepare list of students in the class. With complete information about them. Mention emergency contact number of each child’s parents or guardians. Also, mark the names of students who will be of particular help to the teacher. Giving substitute teacher heads up about these students can be a big help in a way.

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