Spring is around the corner, and with it the sense of renewal or beginnings of things new and exciting. According to Standford U, this is the season when relationships are viewed as “most romantic.”

Here are a couple of natural, safe substances for women and men that can add to the spark of the season. . . .

For Women

Stanford University again, found that a supplement known as Damiana is the one the major herbs that can increase libido in women. In addition, it has the ability to calm and cause a relaxed feeling; that is, a type of euphoria. Typical dosage is 250-500 milligrams of Damiana, 1-2x daily.

Doc Wellness comments: I have recommended this for female patients on many occasions. By their reports, it is very consistently effective and does not have side-effects in general. Just be careful around the time of menstruation as it seems to increase cramping with those women prone to this symptom. If such is the case, cut the dosage by 50%. This typically takes care of the problem.

For Men

By far and away, the most popular libido enhancing substance for men is Tribulus Terrestris. It is a testosterone boosting herb that comes from Asia primarily. You often see this is weight training/strength building formulas as well. For centuries, it has been an effective libido enhancing herb. It works by stimulating the pituitary gland to release more luteinizing hormone, increasing testosterone and well. . . you know the rest.

Typical dosages are 500-750mg, 2-3 times per day.

Doc Wellness comments: For men over 60 or so, if the prostate is weak or problematic to any degree, this is where you need to begin with your nutritional protocol. Skip the Tribulus and start with Zinc and Pumpkin Seed Extract. Once the prostate is healthy, many men find that all is well and do not even need any testosterone enhancing herb.

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David Orman is a Wellness Entrepreneur™, Expert and Educator. For more information, go to DocWellness.wordpress.com.