Think of your most erotic sexual desire or fantasy. Now imagine that for some people, a proper foot massage fulfills that desire. Do you know that very often these same people are embarrassed of this desire and in fact may go through their whole life never telling a person about it, just because they somehow got the idea or someone around expressed that such a desire is strange or weird; this is especially true for men. Do you know that this person is potentially your spouse and unless your take the initiative, you may never truly satisfy them sexually until you give them the foot massage of their life?

The problem that typically lies with converging the desires of someone who has a foot fetish with the desires of someone who does not have that fetish is that the person who does not have the foot fetish usually finds the feet to be unattractive typically because of smell and cleanliness associations, perhaps even based on their own habits or perhaps on others around them, such as parents, friends, or others, who inadvertently forced those smells and that uncleanness to be observed. These types of associations can be difficult to break and usually require that person to move into a zone of discomfort, usually to please their partner, in order to do so. The person must afterwards continue repeating these encounters and these encounters must not have anything negative associated with them, particularly the thing that caused the negative feelings toward feet in the first place, such as bad smells. That is why it is typically best to begin doing these types of massages in the bath. The benefit is that most always, the person who has the foot fetish will take extra care of their feet, making sure that they do not stink, that they are clean, and that the toe nails are trimmed. Some may even have painted toe nails, toe rings, ankle bracelets, and other decorations that further enhance the experience and bring about a faster change of perspective for the person performing the massage, the person with the aversion for feet.

Now that you have neutral or perhaps even positive associations with feet, you can start to learn the techniques required to bring about fulfillment of your partner’s fantasy. These techniques can be further explained by searching for “foot massage” in your favorite search engine.

What is called Sweeping & Rubbing is more of a warm up technique that is used to stretch the muscles and allow for more blood circulation to the foot. Grasp the foot in your hands and begin to massage the surface of the foot. Moving in one direction and with medium pressure, pull your grasped hand to the end of the foot or toward the ankle… Be careful to use less pressure on the toes and inner center of the foot.

Next is what is called Thumb Walking which is a simple technique where you basically alternate thumbs with firm pressure along the sides of each foot. You may also slide the thumb from the top to the bottom along the side. Toe Rotation is next and can be done by grasping all of the toes in one hand and gently squeezing as you pull. Use caution in this area due to sensitivity.

An especially effective technique is called Kneading and it is done using the fist to knead back and forth on the sole of the foot. Kneading uses the knuckles of the fist at the joints; think of rolling dough with large pressing, rotating movements. Press your knuckles into the sole of their foot repeatedly, working your way from the heel to the toes. Use judgment in pressure to avoid discomfort and especially injury.

Cupping is the last technique we’ll mention. Cup the foot with your hands and squeeze with the appropriate amount of pressure. You may move up and down as you are holding the foot.

Armed with these techniques you may now combine, mix and match and bring out the orgasmic nature of the foot fantasies that your partner has. You may learn even more in this area by learning specific massages, but that is beyond the scope of this simple introduction. The best part of all of this? Since you took the time to fulfill your partner’s sexual desires, think how much more willing they will be to do all of your sexual fantasies. Make sure you don’t ruin it all by demanding it from them. Just let nature take its course and the more you do it for them they more likely they are to ask you, “What can I do to you to make you feel as wonderful as you make me feel?”

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