Prevent Radiation Sickness with Natural Foods
There is evidence from both past experience and research results that eating certain foods can help prevent radiation sickness from exposure to nuclear radiation.

Historic Prevent Radiation Sickness Methods in Japan
In 1945, at the time of the atomic bombing of Japan, Dr. Tatsuichiro Akizuki was Director of the Department of Internal Medicine at St. Francis’s Hospital in Nagasaki. Most patients in the hospital, which was located one mile from the center of the blast, survived the initial effects of the bomb – but came down with symptoms of radiation sickness from the fallout.

The doctor fed his staff and patients a strict diet consisting of: brown rice, miso and tamari soy soup, wakame, kombu and other seaweed, Hokkaido pumpkin, and sea salt. He prohibited the consumption of sugar and sweets to help prevent radiation sickness from pre-existing exposure..

Dr. Akizuki saved everyone in his hospital, while many others in the area died from radiation sickness. (1)

Research in Canada
In 1968, researchers in Canada reported that sea vegetables contain a polysaccharide substance that selectively binds radioactive strontium and helps eliminate it from the body, thereby providing protection from radiation sickness.

In laboratory experiments sodium alginate prepared from kelp, kombu, and other brown seaweeds off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of Canada along with radioactive strontium was introduced into rats. Calcium was also used to increase the uptake of the radioactive materials into the bones. A second control group did not receive the seaweed-source sodium alginate.

In the group that DID receive the seaweed-source sodium alginate, the bone uptake of the radioactive particles measured in the femur was 80% less than the control group. This indicates a possbile way to prevent radiation sickness from nuclear radiation exposure.

This evaluation of biological activity of different marine algae is important because of their practical significance in preventing absorption of radioactive products of atomic fission, as well as in their use as possible natural post-contamination remedies. (2)

Whole Grains to Prevent Radiation Sickness
Whole grains such as brown rice (but not refined grains) can help prevent radiation sickness caused by radiation exposure in at least five ways:

1. Grains are low on the food chain. Although they may have been exposed to pollution and radiation, they do not have the concentration of contaminants found in meat and large fish.

2. The high fiber and phosphorous contents in grains is important with respect to radiation protection. The binding ability of these substances helps the body remove all poisons.

3. The natural bulking factor of grains lessens the intestinal transit time, speeding up the elimination of toxins.

4. Whole grains are neither very acid nor very alkaline. They help us maintain the middle-range pH been long proven to increase resistance to radiation.

5. Whole grains provide vitamin B6, which is very important for the thymus. Their calcium content guards against the uptake of radioactive strontium. The vitamin E and selenium in whole grains also helps prevent the cellular damage and aging caused by free radicals. (3)

Foods to Avoid
• Refined, genetic modified and processed foods

■Fatty foods (meat, dairy products)
■Simple sugars (white sugar),
■Soft drinks (1) (3)
(1) Tatsuichiro Akuziki, M.D. Nagasaki 1945, London Quarter books, 1981. (Brown rice, miso, sea vegetables, salt)
(2) Y. Tanaka et. Al. “Studies on Inhibition of Intestinal Absorption of Radioactive Strontium”, Canadian Medical Association Journal 99: 169-75. (Sea vegetables)
(3) Shannon, Sara, Diet for the Atomic Age, Avery Publishing Group Inc., Wayne, New Jersey.
(4) Note: The above mentioned food products are available in most health food stores.

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