There are many people trying ways on how they can have pearly white teeth. They do all it takes to maintain the white teeth. It’s unfortunate that they don’t know that some stains on the teeth are as a result of some of the foods that they take. There are very common foods known for causing stains, such as coffee, chocolate, red wine, and several others. However, there are other foods that are eaten in plenty without prior knowledge of the kind of harm the food does to their oral health. The foods don’t look staining but in reality, they can turn your teeth yellow or brown in color. Some of these foods are:

Apples; this comes as a surprise to many going by the adage, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. However, as nice and white as they may seem, apples, as well as other fruits, contain polyphenol oxidase. These are ripening chemicals that cause the fruits to turn brown through the oxidation process. This process can occur in your mouth thus they turn brown and it can be embedded in your enamel.

Potatoes; these are consumed almost on daily basis. They, just like apples, go through oxidation. Potatoes can turn black after cooking due to the reaction of iron and chlorogenic acid forming black pigment. This reaction is facilitated by the contact the potatoes get with aluminum or iron pot. Also, this reaction can be facilitated when the potatoes are exposed to metal amalgam fillings.

Carbonated waters; these waters, as well as clear sodas, are highly acidic and they can make your teeth vulnerable to getting stains.

White wine; if you are trying to prevent stained teeth, you must have left red wine for white wine. However, white wine can also be as staining as red wine. This is because, it also contains acid which, when you drink, erodes to your enamel when the enamel softens, and it allows staining components to penetrate. Also, the erosion makes the enamel thin thus the dark dentin underneath the enamel shows.

Green tea; just like white wine, green tea is taken by many people who stop drinking black tea. Green tea also causes the formation of stains because the same chemicals found in back tea are found in green tea, but in a different form. Taking green tea regularly can lead to discoloring f your teeth.

As much as staining cannot be fully eliminated, there is always an option of whitening your teeth in order to reverse some of the stainings. Some of the most recommended dentists in Raleigh recommend porcelain veneers for discoloration inside the teeth and he can make them as white as they were initially. Porcelain veneers are recommended as they are stain resistant.

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