If a person wants to keep himself healthy, he should try to improve his immune system. The immune system of a human body consists of organs, cells and tissues etc. All of these organs, cells and tissues work together and they fight against viruses and bacteria that can become the cause of different diseases and infections. To kill these viruses and bacteria, our immune system releases antibodies. These antibodies are attached with antigens. Nowadays, if you want to save yourself against the attack of COVID-19, you should strengthen your immune system. The best way to strengthen your immune system is to eat healthy foods. Here, we will discuss the best foods that can make your immune system stronger.

It is found in almost all areas of the world. Garlic adds a little zing to your food. Therefore, you should include it in every food. The ancient days' people were using garlic to fight against infections. They were using garlic to lower down the blood pressure. They were also using garlic to slow down the hardening of the arteries. The results of new research are showing that garlic can improve the immune system of the human body. It is improving the immune system because it has a high concentration of Sulfur compounds.

Just like garlic, ginger is also found in almost all areas of the world. Ginger is helpful for us in various ways. It is helpful for us to decrease the inflammation level. We can also use it to decrease the sore throat. If you are facing the problem of nausea, ginger will also be helpful to you. We can also use it to decrease chronic pain. Its reason is that this it has cholesterol-lowering properties. Along with these benefits, ginger is also helpful for us in strengthening the immune system of a human being.

Citrus Fruits:
Vitamin C is considered as the best nutrient to improve our immune system. Its reason is that vitamin C increases the production of white blood cells in our body. These white blood cells help us to fight against infections. The best way to increase the amount of vitamin C in our body is to eat citrus fruits. Its reason is that almost all the citrus fruits have a high density of vitamin C. Now, the problem is that our body can’t store vitamin C. Therefore, we must take citrus fruits daily. The daily recommended amount of citrus fruit for a woman is 75 mg. On the other hand, the daily recommended amount of citrus fruit for a man is 90 mg. Vitamin C is also helpful for us to fight against various diseases. During the COVID-19 days, we have to strengthen our immune system. That’s why lots of experts are recommending to take enough amount of vitamin C. The most popular foods to take vitamin C are grapefruit, orange and lemon etc.

Blueberries are also the best foods to strengthen the immune system of a human being. Its reason is that blueberries have anthocyanin. The anthocyanin has antioxidant properties. Due to these antioxidant properties, blueberries can easily improve our immune system. If you are eating blueberries, you can also improve the respiratory tract’s immune defence system of a human being. Its reason is that this food is also rich in flavonoids. Most of the researches are also showing that if you are eating such foods which are rich in flavonoids, you will have fewer chances to suffer from the common cold and similar upper respiratory tract infections.

Green Tea:
Most of the people drink green tea as an alternative to black coffee or black tea. The green tea can also strengthen the immune system of a human being. The people are taking green tea as an alternative to black tea or black coffee because it has a small amount of caffeine. Like the blueberries, there are also flavonoids in the green tea. These flavonoids also improve the immune system of a human being. Anyhow, if you are drinking green tea, you will have to face fewer chances of the common cold.

Red Bell Peppers:
Most of the people think that citrus fruits contain more vitamin C than any other fruit or vegetable. They are wrong because they have not studied the amount of vitamin C in the red bell peppers. The red bell peppers have three times more vitamin C than citrus fruits. Along with vitamin C, red bell peppers are also the rich source of getting beta carotene. As we know that vitamin C is the best ingredient to improve the immune system. When we eat red bell peppers, our body converts beta carotene into vitamin A. Vitamin A is the best resource to keep your eyes and skin healthy.

Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables. You should also include it in your plate. By eating this vegetable, you can provide enough minerals and vitamins to your body. This vegetable has also enough amount of Vitamin A, C, E and fibres. It is also the best food to provide enough antioxidants to your body. If you want to provide these nutrients of this food to your body, you should not cook it enough. Most of the researchers have provided suggestions that steaming is the best way to take all the nutrients of this food. Due to these nutrients, this is also considered as the best food to boost up our immune system.

Yoghurt is also the best food to stimulate your immune system. After stimulating the immune system, your body can easily fight against diseases. If you want to get these benefits of yoghurt, you should try to include plain yoghurt in your diet. It means that you should not include loaded with sugar yoghurt in your diet. If you want to sweeten the plain yoghurt, you can include honey into it. You can also add fruits into the yoghurt. The yoghurt is the best resource of vitamin D. If you are providing vitamin D to your body, you can also strengthen your immune system.

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