In a culturally vibrant country like India, you may want to experience everything possible. However, when you are a foreigner in this country or any other nation, you have to be cautious of a few things such as food. You must keep a watch on what you eat so as to avoid falling sick, even though the medical services are not very expensive in India.

Golas or handmade ice candies

If you have tasted shaved ice and snow cones anywhere in the western world, you can get a clear picture of a gola in India. When the weather is too hot in India, this little bundle of ice seems like an instant relief. However, most of the Golas are made from unhygienic water and colored syrups, which may cause serious stomach infections to spoil your precious vacation time.

Tap water

Earlier, Indians used to drink water from the taps wherever they went, but this is a serious no-no for the foreigners. The tap water is unsafe as it contains E-Coli bacteria along with many other germs, and causes diarrhea even in well-immune people. Bottled water is easily available in all parts of India; you can buy it at cheap prices. You must ask for bottled water at restaurants as well just to be safe.

Fresh juice

You can drink fresh juice only from branded outlets. Otherwise, you must not buy it from the street vendors because you can never guarantee the kind of water they use or if they wash the fruits or not. It is better to resist the temptation of fresh juice as much as possible. You can drink coconut water instead from anywhere you want because there is hardly any chance of contamination in it.

Unwashed or freshly cut fruits and vegetables

Just like you cannot trust the juice seller for washing the fruits, you must not eat unwashed fruits that you may buy from a vendor. Many street vendors are infamous for applying colors and wax on the fruits to make them look shinier than their original look. Even if you feel hungry, you can eat oranges or bananas, which you can peel and eat. For those that need to be washed such as apples and cherries, you must run them under water for a considerable time. You will also find peddlers selling freshly cut fruits and vegetables, but it is better not to buy them for the sake of hygiene.

Gol gappe

You can name it anything- gol gappe, water balls, or pani-puri- but it is difficult to resist having a plate of them. Gol gappe are said to have originated from the time of Mahabharata in India, and have traveled so far to be the most famous street food of the country. Although you must taste them, but from a reputed seller because the street vendors may not use clean water to flavor it for gol gappe.

Meat from the streets

Always buy meat from a trusted restaurant if you are a fan of non-vegetarian foods. There is a huge variety of chicken and mutton that you must try in India, but never buy them from the street vendors. These guys often sell stale meat, which may lead to stomach and other serious body infections.

Deep fried snacks

If you have a sensitive tummy, it is good for you not to go for samosas, kachoris, and pakodas from the street vendors because they rarely change the oil for cooking these snacks. The oil that is used repeatedly may increase the risk of Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, carcinogenic properties, and liver disorders. However, there is no harm in trying them once in a while if you buy them from a reliable shop.

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