A business owner is usually trying to find new ways to enhance and grow her business. Selling products on to end users could seem like an efficient way of generating revenue, but there are several good reasons to use distributors to urge your products into the marketplace. Examine the advantages of distribution and determine whether it belongs in your business model.
There are a lot more agencies who can do marketing, selling and distribution in Mumbai and Pune. Before that let’s find out what these distribution channels brings for you

Following are the reasons why you should hire a distribution channel

Administrative Savings
The core business practice of a manufacturer is to form and package products. A distributor becomes the sales arm of your company that you are doing not need to pay.

Customer Exposure
One of the key functions of a distributor is to grow and administer a network of viable shops . Many distributors also offer specialized retailers which will reach a selected audience .

Market Research
Distributors affect retail clients on a daily basis, and people retail clients sell to your end users. If you would like to try to do marketing research on a current product or get input on new ideas on which you're working, a distributor can collect that information for you directly from your end users.

Distributors present a ready-made audience of retail clients in any marketplace for a manufacturer that's looking to expand its product reach.

Advantages of Distribution Channel

1. Reduced costs
Sure, you'll roll in the hay yourself, but Including a replacement location to your distribution map involves tons of resources - time, money, and human resources. Using an existing distribution network, however, extends your company’s geographical reach far more easily and quickly than if you are doing everything on your own.

And because retailers stock their shelves together with your products and customers attend store locations to get them, you don’t incur additional stocking and delivery expenses.

2. A tighter specialise in your core competencies
To successfully expand in unfamiliar territory, you would like local expertise - a deep understanding of what the people within the area need and need . If you’re alittle business, doing this might require that you simply hire new personnel so your existing workforce can specialise in doing what they have to be doing.

Wholesalers, retailers, and dealers lookout of the nitty-gritty involved within the product distribution process: order and inventory management, management of retailer and customer relationships, customer service initiatives pre- and post-sale, and merchandise shipment to varied locations.

3. More efficient marketing
To maximize the worth of your marketing dollars, you'll collaborate with other manufacturers and run joint marketing or promotional campaigns to drive more pedestrian traffic to the shops that sell your products. This way, you don’t need to shoulder the complete advertising costs.

4. Wider customer reach
Another advantage of distribution channels is the speed at which you'll distribute your products in large geographic areas. Established distributors can readily tap a network of shops and other distributors to assist with market coverage.

As such, you do not need to affect the time, cost, and energy it takes to create those relationships. Plus, you would like not undergo the difficulties of fixing your own direct channel within the area you’re expanding in.

5. logistic assistance
Distributors and retailers need to efficiently manage their stocks and are generally good at it. they will fulfill orders daily and know when to request large shipments from manufacturers. And just in case a fulfillment error occurs, the distributor or chain takes care of resolving any issues.

6. Easily available feedback
Retail chains know which products sell well in their specific areas of coverage. Their feedback can prove valuable in making a product that more customers need and need .

7. Faster growth
If you propose to introduce your products to a worldwide audience, international agents concentrate on distributing products in various areas of the planet . Particularly if you’re alittle manufacturer , you'll use their expertise to place your product ahead of a customer base you'd otherwise not reach on your own.

They can even assist you improve your product and make it more appealing to global consumers.

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