The thought of high tea party is being updated everyday and an ancient English convention of labor class people to relish a chunky supper after returning from a tough day of work has nowadays become a high-end classy get-together. Definitely the food-plans too are altering always and you can keep the food as per your liking, from moderate to lavish. However it is normally supposed that the menu must contain a mixture of sweets and savory nibbles to be suitable to everybody’s taste. Following are some ideas for nibbles for your high tea party.


Mostly everyone likes fruits. Additionally they are healthful and scrumptious. Albeit anybody amongst your invitees may not be very fond of sweets, s/he will hardly reject fruits. Hence fruits form an ideal eatable in your tea party.

Petit Fours

Petit fours refer to small-sized cakes and seem pleasant to your guests’ eyes owing to their multicolored appearance. They are adorned with varied types of stripes, pastels and flowers. They look enchanting due to their cube shapes with a layer of jam or some other delicious filling at the middle and coated once again with pastel-colored icing. You can serve petit fours of many flavors, albeit sponge, chocolate and pound are the most preferred ones.


Tarts, whether big or small-sized, go nicely with tea and hence perfect nibbles for tea party. Lemon and strawberry are the commonest and you can give mixed fruit as well for your calorie-conscious visitors.


These are popular companions of tea in tea parties. These thick pastries can be dipped in the hot drink and hence go well with it. You can give plain or sweet scones for your high tea along with spreads. Some of the most famous sorts are orange glazed, cherry, cranberry and poppy seed, while lemon curd is the most popular spread so also is crème fraiche.

Finger Sandwiches

Finger sandwiches are tiny sandwiches which your guests can relish with the help of their fingers, since they are divided into fours and also in eights with their crusts cut. Some popular varieties are smoked salmon, watercress, buttered bread, egg salad, ham and orange marmalade, nut butter, chicken salad, tomato with basil, avocado with mayonnaise, herbed cream cheese, cucumber mint and a lot more.


Cookies too are the most favorite fellows of tea. You can prepare some distinct ones at home and enchant your visitors or can get readymade ones. Madelieines, meringue cookies, shortbread coolies, linzer cookies and lots of others can be chosen.


In addition to the confections like tarts. cookies, scones and cakes, you can present a distinctive dessert as well, which you can offer at last and give a delightful shock to the attendees.

Other Kinds of Pastries

You can also select between lots of other pastries such as cream puffs and baked bars such as chocolate and lemon mint.

Your tea party can become as generous as you plan or you also are at liberty to decide to let it be unadorned with just a few varieties of cookies or sandwiches. Such plain tea parties are basically arranged for conversation and sharing issues. They provide fine respite from the routine and warmth and welcoming nature of the hostess or host is more important than the eatables.

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