If you are starting a food business it is important to have all the necessary equipment. Food display counters are one of those important equipment. For growing your business, it is important to show your products to customers in an attractive manner. Display counters are the best types of equipment that can help you with doing that. There are unlimited advantages of using these food counters in any food business. You can store your sweets and food at the required temperature as well as show to your customers in an attractive way. The market is abundant with different types of food counters, you can choose according to your requirements.
Having a food display counter at your shop is not enough. Maintaining them is equally important. By maintaining it you can reduce extra cost and make it more energy-efficient. By doing that you get the best result out of it.
There are different types of refrigeration systems used for different types of food. The selection of refrigerant plays a vital role in any refrigeration industry. In the food business, these display counters use two types of refrigeration. These are:-
• Forced air:- These type of display cases depends only on the fans. The fans regulate the cold air throughout the cabinet so that the food products can be kept chilled. The display counters are used mostly for displaying bakery products or sweets. The forced-air refrigeration system can dry food products. The food products should not remain in the case for a long period.

• Gravity coil:- In this system, the refrigeration coils are at the top of the counter. It allows the cool air to circulate over the food. These display cabinets are suitable for storing and displaying raw meat, seafood, deli products, and other food products. These counters do not produce a drying effect on food products. They can be good in conditions where airflow is not necessary, but condensation from inefficient coils can drop water onto food products, and because the coils are at the top of the case, this can often interrupt sightlines to the products. They are also less expensive as compared to forced air equipment.

The first step to buy these display counters, it is important to know what type of countersuits perfect for your business. After deciding the type of counter you want to purchase, you consider its features. Like what should be the size of the counter. Size is an aspect of buying a display counter. You should aware of how much space do you have to keep that counter. So choose the best counter according to your needs.
Another important aspect you can consider is shelving. You can choose a counter with better shelving so that your product can get maximum exposure and can lead to you more sales.
The next essential part is the style of front glass and lighting. You can buy a flat front glass or curved front glass. It is your choice. Also, choose an attractive and energy-efficient lighting system for your display counters.

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