…and we thought eating the right food was sufficient for good health!
Not true, we’re told, we must pay attention to the way we combine these foods!
You know what, some say, enough with all this nonsense! How does one enjoy food if all those rules add up to make eating one of the worst nightmares?
We can’t eat or drink, sugar and artificial sweetener; fried foods; artificial foods and coloring; sodas and diet sodas; polished grains; hormone meats, poultry or fish; fast foods or foods that cannot spoil; and poison. Now, what’s up with that food combining business?
Well, when it comes to nutrition, it really doesn’t matter what we think, like or dislike. We either learn the tricks of better living or else…
Basically, food combining is simple. There are five main categories of food. Some are expanding and others are contracting. The former gives energy for the day’s duties and the latter puts us in a state of hibernation – all you want to do is relax – can’t work or think and are best eaten last.
Think of it this way, in order to avoid taxing the digestive system and making it difficult for your loved ones to breathe when you are around – if you follow my drift – start your day with fruits, followed by vegetable and starches, and then meats and end it with a handful of nuts --not more --because it’s neither fun nor appealing to be fat!
Category One – FRUITS – they are easy to digest and absorb and thus should be eaten first and alone with the exception of lettuce and celery
Category Two – VEGETABLES – they mix well with proteins or starches
Category Three – STARCHES such as rice, corn, barley, wheat, oats, millets, amaranth, quinoa, spelt, etc. – they mix well with green salads – not to be eaten with fruits or proteins
Category Four – LEGUMES such as beans and peanuts – they combine well with salads – do not use with sugar or starches. However, beans can be eaten with grains, as their incomplete amino acid chains get completed with the amino acids found in grains such as rice.
Category Five –PROTEINS such as meat, fish, poultry, cheese and nuts are best combined with salads and are not to be eaten with sugars or starches.
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